We're two best friends who love to read who decided to start a book review blog! Here you'll find more information about the two of us, our likes and dislikes, as well as what we're currently reading/writing. We both also happen to be writers, and there are links to our private works and blogs all around the site. :) Because we're different people, we have different tastes in pretty much everything, so if you're someone interested in submitting a review request to us, please be sure to check the policy page before hand.

This is how we've decided to run this:

We sometimes end up reading the same books, but generally we prefer different genres. For the most part, we'll review books separately but both post them here on the main page. On those few occasions when we both review the same book, we'll make it clear which one of us thinks what. We'll also then both be giving different ratings. We post our reviews here, as well as on Goodreads. We'll try to have at least one of us posting a review once a week, but there might be some times when life gets in the way of that. We'll try as often as possible to stick with it though :)

About Tempest:

Hi! I live in CT, and am also an indie writer. There are links leading to my work on the side bar, as well as in the Our Work page. I write mostly paranormal romance and teen fantasy, and currently have three series in the works. I have always loved reading, so starting book blog seemed to make sense. Please feel free to ask questions or go check out my author blog at:


About Jacey:

Hey there! I too live in CT, and just recently started writing again after a four year hiatus. Mostly I'm into writing SciFi, but I'm also currently working on a paranormal romance book that is a part of Tempest's series, the Mirror Warriors. Throughout my life I've always seen reading as an escape so it made sense for me to join up with my bestie and create this blog. If you have any questions for me go a head and leave a comment here! :)

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