Review Policy

We're always looking for suggestions on what we should read next! First things first is that we DO accept indie authors! If you're an author looking for us to review your work then please email one of us! Our reviews will be honest, and based off of our own opinions. Because of this, if we both review the same book our reviews/opinions of it might not be the same. Neither of us will purposefully leave a poor review in order to tear a writer or their work down. If for some reason we really hated it, then we will contact the author and explain it to them. Once we post a review however it will not be taken down. We both prefer to read different genres, so make sure you send your request to the correct email address.

What we accept:

-hard copies
(paperback copies get moved to the top of the pile. I am also more likely to accept a genre I don't usually if it is in paperback form)

What genres we accept:


-paranormal romance
-teen/YA fiction (most genres)
-erotica (sometimes. Read the below terms)
-poetry (will sometimes accept, but only in paperback form)

My favorite genre's are teen and paranormal romance! I will however contemplate reading any of the above mentioned genres. I will accept erotica, however I'll try and keep my reviews of it pg, so I won't mention anything that's too heavy in the actual review.

If interested in submitting please email your requests to:

Also, be sure to title the email: Review Request, otherwise your message might be overlooked. In your email please also include a short blurb about your book, your name, the title, as well as a link to where we can find it and get more information. Thank you.

Author Interviews/Giveaways:

If you are interested in having us host a giveaway, or in doing an author interview for our blog, please email Tempest at Make sure that you head your message with either one or both to ensure that it doesn't get over looked. If you wish to do one of these things as well as request a review then feel free to combine emails.

* * *

It is our right to refuse or pass up on a request for review. If this happens it might just be that we're too busy to take any new books on. We will try to respond back to your emails within a weeks time, but please do not spam us with a million of the same messages if we do not.

FTC Disclosure: Any of the books we review have been given to us by the author in exchange for an honest review, we do not accept monetary compensation. Or we legally purchased the books ourselves.

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