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My (Chani Lynn Feener) book, Amid Stars and Darkness, will be published through Swoon Reads July 18, 2017.

My book, Unhinged, will be republished through the Polyethnic publishing Dec. 25, 2016.

For more information, please visit my personal blog (the link of which can be found at the left sidebar) and/or my instagram @TempestChani

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  1. Hi Tempest, I just finished reading your first book of the Underworld series, Unhinged, and I'm OBSESSED! You're writing is amazing and the book had me hooked! I really want to read the next book, Unleashed, however it's unavailable everywhere (I've checked every website, book store and e-book site) and I am unable to find it anywhere for purchase. Where can I find it??? Unhinged was by far my favourite book and I'm dying to read Unleashed!