Friday, February 24, 2017

Long One!

Hey guys!

I know, I'm away more than I'm here. I try to do better at maintaining this, but life get's in the way, you know? I've said this before, but I'll do so again, if you really want to keep up with what I'm reading and rating, follow me on I keep that VERY UPDATED. Seriously. You can also check out my personal/author blog. I'll supply the links to both below.



Anywho, now that that's done, I have a ton of stuff to get through, and quickly, because I'm supposed to be editing yet another book which will be published very soon. So here goes. First things first, a brief look at what I've been reading! Because I don't have the time to post actual reviews, I'm just going to put the cover and what I've rated it below.

2 Stars.
                                                                                               4 Stars.

5 Stars


                                      5 Stars.

For those of you who haven't heard, my book, Unleashed, is coming out a month early!!!! The cover was revealed earlier this week, but I never got around to posting it here so, here it is:

I absolutely love it! Couldn't ask for a better cover even if I wanted to! It's so beautiful, and I can't wait for you guys to be able to pick up a copy of this at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.! You can actually already "pre-order" in a sense by ordering one of the Polyethnic Book Boxes! This is a fandom bookish box that comes with this book, a cope of the first, AND a bunch of extra goodies! If interested (they're selling fast!) click here:

There's a VIP version, and a reg. version! The first comes with paperback copies of both the first and second book, while the latter has an ebook copy of the first and paperback of the second! So, either way you get copies of both books that are currently out in this series!