Friday, September 16, 2016

Reign of Shadows By: Sophie Jordan

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Seventeen years ago, an eclipse cloaked the kingdom of Relhok in perpetual darkness. In the chaos, an evil chancellor murdered the king and queen and seized their throne. Luna, Relhok’s lost princess, has been hiding in a tower ever since. Luna’s survival depends on the world believing she is dead.

But that doesn’t stop Luna from wanting more. When she meets Fowler, a mysterious archer braving the woods outside her tower, Luna is drawn to him despite the risk. When the tower is attacked, Luna and Fowler escape together. But this world of darkness is more treacherous than Luna ever realized.

With every threat stacked against them, Luna and Fowler find solace in each other. But with secrets still unspoken between them, falling in love might be their most dangerous journey yet.

With lush writing and a star–crossed romance, Reign of Shadows is Sophie Jordan at her best.

* * *
I really loved the world building in this one, it was interesting and unique enough that I still plan on keeping up with the rest of this series once it's released, despite how much I HATE how Luna was often portrayed. If she's going to act like a damsel practically the entire damn book, then just make her a damsel. Stop telling me how skilled she is, and how she can defend herself, and blah blah blah, then NEVER show us it! The only occasion was in the very beginning when she saved Fowler by killing one of them. After that....nothing! Every single time there was opportunity to show she was a badass, someone else had to swoop in and save her. It got to the point even animals were doing it for her. That's literally the only reason I gave this book 3 stars instead of 5. I also wasn't too keen on that ending. It felt like it left off in the middle of a scene instead of a solid end to the book, and this is coming from someone who happens to like cliffhanger endings too. I loved Fowler, and many of the other characters, but absolutely hated how every single female character came off. While Luna's naïveté is understandable, her reason to go back isn't a very well thought out plan. Like, at all. It would have been more believable if, again, we'd actually seen her defending herself and killing monsters on her own like it was constantly implied she was capable of doing. Still, that aside, as mentioned above, I will still read the next book once it's out. The world building,Fowler, and even Lina every other time she isn't letting a boy do the defending for her (yes, even the animal is male) I liked her. I would recommend reading, so long as you keep in mind she is not the "badass" in combat they often imply.


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