Friday, September 30, 2016

300 Things I Hope by: Iain S. Thomas, Illustrated by: Carla Kreuser

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From the creator of I Wrote This For You, comes a collection of 300 things that the author, Iain S. Thomas, and artist, Carla Kreuser, truly and sincerely hope for you – from hoping that you always have a pen, to hoping that you’re never lonely, and everything in-between. This collection of hope will move you and remind you of what’s important in life as you live it. Or at least, that’s what they hope.

* * *
I was really fortunate to receive an early review copy of this book from the publisher. To be honest, I hadn't read anything written by Mr. Thomas yet, so I was going in blind. I came out a fan. This book was absolutely amazing. It was sweet, funny, touching, insightful, romantic, and thought provoking. Each line begins with the words, I Hope, and are followed by a wish the author hopes the reader experiences (or doesn't in some cases). It's the perfect book to pick up when you're feeling a little melancholy, or when you simply need a bit of inspiration or motivation. It serves as a great reminder that life is filled with little things that are magical, and wonderful, and that we shouldn't let them pass us by unnoticed. I think that's one of my favorite things about this book, you don't have to sit down and read it straight through in one sitting. Honestly, in my opinion, you might even get more from reading a couple pages a day. Give yourself some time to ruminate, because even the ones that sound silly at first start seeming sweet and insightful a half hour later. This is definitely a book worth picking up!
It comes out on October 1st (tomorrow)! I highly recommend grabbing yourself a copy!
Here's a link to its page to make it easier:


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