Saturday, October 3, 2015

Massive Giveaway News!

Hi all! Just wanted to pop in and let you guys know there's a HUGE giveaway going on over at my personal blog which can be found here:

This is a chance to win paperback copies of pretty much every one of my books, as well as other cool prizes like jewelry, notebooks, stickers, etc. There are six different prize packs, so six chances of winning, and the giveaway doesn't end until December! Some of the ways to enter allow you to do it more than once, so there are lots of ways to stay active and better your odds!

If you check out the link, then you'll see it's a fairly long post with rules and descriptions about the prize packs, but the most important one is to leave a comment letting me know which prize you'd want if you won! People who don't do this will unfortunately be disqualified, because I don't want to end up giving someone something they don't really want. That wouldn't be fair to the person who won (it's less exciting to win something you're not interested in!) or to the person who really wanted to win it!

So, if you want to enter that way here, feel free. You can leave the comment below (because I've included the giveaway) or you can follow the link provided above which will lead you straight to my blog and the original giveaway. This option might be easier because a lot of the other ways to win involve interaction with my author blog, such as answering a poll or leaving a question for one of my characters in the Ask Away section.

Another way of winning is by answering a one or more questions about my teen paranormal book, Unhinged. To make this easier for everyone (and more fun) just for reading this post you can already win something because the book is currently being offered for FREE here:

Also, the release date for my other book, Bone Deep, has finally been set so head on over to my blog to check out the details on that as well! :) There's going to be a giveaway for that too, currently starting here before making its way over to my blog so that you can sign up for here below!

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