Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Captured Miracle (Captured Miracle, #1) by Alannah Carbonneau

Review by Tempest.

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Sometimes the darkest of hearts are the most blinding. Not because of their light, but because of their suffocating endlessness. The dark abyss of their possession claims you before you’re even aware of the capture.

Love is not linear. There is no timeline in which the emotion blooms. Sometimes it is a slow succession of events where one soul learns another and sometimes it’s quick. Sometimes it’s like lightning. Possessive.

That’s what Calix was to me. He infused himself within my life – my mind – my body – and my heart. Until he possessed my soul. And then he shattered it all.

The worst part of it all was that he owned me. Completely. And it only took him four days.

What started out as an act of revenge quickly becomes so much more. After years of plotting and two years of watching Nova, Calix takes her. In the dead of the night, three strange men in her room, tugging her from her bed, wake Nova. Terrified of forcing the men to act on their threats to harm her mother and sisters, Nova agrees to allow them to cart her from the safety of her home.

She never expected they would lead her to Calix. A dark and captivating man determined to have her as his wife – and every other way. As Nova tries to keep Calix from pushing his way past her barriers, his determination to capture her heart in the same way he captured her body grows. In his quest for her heart, Calix pushes her past her barriers and tests her every limit.

When her heart softens, the reason for the game of revenge turns very real and Calix is forced to tell Nova just why he took her. Only, the truth will harden the heart that had softened against him.

But Calix still won’t let Nova go.

Until the end of time, she is his.

*** This is an erotic romance. Captured Miracle is the first novel in what will be a three book series. This novel does end in a cliffhanger.

* * *

Honestly, the insta-love was a bit much, and it started to really ruin it for me there towards the late middle/end, HOWEVER, for some reason I still really liked the story. It was a quick read, and while there were a ton of grammatical errors (such as commas instead of periods) it didn't detract from the story as much as one would think. I found I could easily enough look past them.

Nova was a bit whiney, and then annoying. Given her circumstances, the crying I totally understood, but she was guilty over ridiculous things, like being snappy with the grandmother of her kidnapper. Hello? The woman knows you were kidnapped, and she's doing nothing. You deserve to be a little rude at the very least. She was also a bit too naïve. If she really reads as many romance novels as she claims, then she'd be able to figure out half of Calix's "vague" (not really) suggestions. Instead, she almost never gets it. It's pretty frustration, and it makes it hard to relate to her, or feel sorry for her. Not to mention, four days is just way to fast for her to fall in love and brush under the rug what he's done. I would have preferred a time jump to that at least, where we're told in the next chapter a week has passed or whatever. Anything would have been better. I don't care how hot he is, he kidnapped her, threatened to KILL her family, and has forced her into doing things that embarrass the crap out of her. Even with Stockholm syndrome being taken into consideration, that's way too quick.

Still, three stars, because like I said, I kept reading anyway, and there was never a moment, even as frustrated and eye roll worthy as Nova became, where I wanted to put the book down and walk away. As a quick read that's honest about what it is in the blurb, I'd say worth it to anyone wanting to check it out.

Reading Updates:

59.0% "That's idiotic. Why be ashamed? The kidnapped you"
"That happened waaaaay too quickly. Technically it hasn't even been a few days."             
"This is ridiculous...."


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