Sunday, March 15, 2015

Fearscape (Horrorscape, #1) by Nenia Campbell

Review by Tempest.


He followed her because he wanted to own her. She trusted him because she wanted excitement. There's a saying that curiosity can kill … but Valerian Kimble is beginning to learn that satisfaction might just be worse.

Fourteen-year-old Valerian lives in an age where antiheroes and bad boys are portrayed as the romantic ideal, and good guys are passe and boring. So when Gavin Mecozzi, the school's brilliant but twisted loner, begins to show an interest in her after a chance meeting in a pet store, Val is intrigued. He's charming and poetic and makes her feel things that she thought were only possible in books--


Because somebody is stalking Val. Somebody who wants to hurt her. Own her. Possess her. Maybe even kill her.

* * *
This one was hard for me to rate. I actually had to take a couple days to think about it even. I ended up giving it three stars because the story was very interesting, despite all the things I didn't like about it, and I immediately wanted to delve into the second installment the second I reached the last page of this book. That being said, let me point out all of the things that I didn't like, which made me want to give the book only two stars initially.
For one, there are some grammatical issues, like missing words, which isn't too big of a deal really. It's annoying, but I believe these are self published, and most have errors like this that slip through the crack. There were enough to be tedious, but not jarring, so I wouldn't let that deter you from reading. The second thing, however, was that randomly a bit more than halfway through the book, the tense changes, and with no warning or page breaks at all. One paragraph we're in the main characters head, the next it's her mom or her teacher. Not only was this unnecessary, it was also very frustrating. If we'd gleaned some important information through it that we couldn't have possibly gotten from anywhere else, that would be one thing, but that wasn't the case. Another thing that really bothered me was how quickly the drama escalated. One second, she likes this guy (and we never really get a chance to understand why because we don't see enough of him or them together) the next she thinks he's her stalker simply because no one at the school likes him. Yet she still continues to hang around him, and get into cars with him, and go to his house....yeah. That was also pretty dumb. I feel like there has to be a better way to get Val to go over his house than simply have her go to search for clues. I understand she's only fourteen, but I feel like the author didn't give her intelligence enough credit, and because of that, I ended up liking Val a lot less. If I don't like the main character, generally that means I'll end up hating the book as a whole. More scenes between them without him being completely creepy would have been nice, because then we would have gotten to see what she saw in Gavin. All we got were the strange moments, that totally gave away who he really was. A bit more mystery would have been nice. Making me fall for him a little before pulling the rug out from under me would have been awesome. All of these things added up to me finding the characters annoying, vapid, and dumb. There wasn't a single one that I can actually say I even liked eighty percent of the time, including Val. 
Still, with all that being said, the overall plot of the book was good enough to keep my attention. Once the ending was revealed (aka the stalkers identity) things got really, really good. I loved the fast passed action, the dialogue, and Val's reactions. I do feel like the very very end could have been a bit better, being that it was obvious and not very realistic, but still. I'm reading the second book right now, which means that even with all of these issues I had, I went out and bought the next book. (I bought the third too!) so something but be right about it!
It was also a super quick read, so if you're looking for something to pass a short amount of time, and like a bit of thrill, then you should check this book out.


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