Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Witch's Curse (A Broken Series Novel) by M.L. Stephens

Review by Tempest.


Everything you've ever heard or believed about witches, vampires and werewolves is about to change. How do I know? I'm Hecate—the original witch—and I'm the one who created them all.

Hecate didn't dabble in dark magic. Watching her lover die at the end of another man's sword changed that. In a single act of vengeance, she turned her lover's killer into a werewolf and cursed him for eternity. It was A Witch's Curse to rival all others and it was her last act as a goddess.

Drago despised being a werewolf. He spent thousands of years searching for an antidote, only to discover that the witch who cursed him, also had to cure him. Unfortunately, that witch died lifetimes ago. Undeterred, he continued to search. Two years ago he found Hecate's remains lying in a crypt hidden deep within the Louisiana Bayou. Today, he watched a coven of witches bring her back to life.

He killed her lover. She damned him for all time. Can two souls who are destined to be eternal enemies, learn to forgive enough to live again?

* * *
This book was initially hard for me to get into. There are a lot of characters from the get go, and it's hard to stay focused on them and really sort through who they are. We also aren't given many descriptive details to tell them apart. However, that's probably because these are all characters from the first few books of the series, which, unfortunately, I have yet to read. Once I got past that however, there were interesting aspects to this story. I did have some problems with pacing. I felt like things could have been slowed down in some areas, given more detail. One issue I did have was how confusing the original bits between her and Drago were. At first it was confusing because I had to try and think, "Did she think he was her old love for some reason and why?" and "Why didn't he notice she was referring to him as someone else?" Stuff like that. When I'm reading a story, I don't want to ever have to stop and reread something in order to understand it, though later on it gets better and things are made a lot more clear. I love the action in this book, and the relationships, the ones from past books and the ones that develop here. I don't want to say too much more and give anything away, so I'm keeping this review short and simple. I do plan on reading the other books in this series now, so I do suggest checking it out. The twist on Hecate and the gods was really fun to read. Imaginative. With action, romance, and paranormal aspects, it's hard to go wrong.
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