Sunday, October 20, 2013

Love and Magic by I. Grobler

Review by Tempest.


A compelling story about a girl in the eighteenth century, who was brought up by her absent father who gambled and was forced to sell his daughter to a mysterious rich gentleman.

Vivian's life came crumbling down when she caught her best friend betraying her, and she decides to commit suicide after finding out her father had sold her to clear his debts.

Little does she know that soon enough, her life will change when she becomes the property of a coven leader of witches and wizards, who saves her broken body, when he magically binds them as one.

Vivian meets Naomi, who hated her for taking her place beside the coven leader. She also meets Bell, who is taken with her from the moment they've met.

Soon enough, Vivian's life is torn between good and evil, and faces that aren't real.

* * *
Unfortunately, despite sounding really interesting, this story sort of just feel flat for me. Not nearly enough happened, and the few things that did either didn't make much sense or were rushed. I would have liked to see more happen between Vivian and her father. The little that we did get to see followed the blurb pretty well; he is clearly a terrible dad, and it's no wonder she hates her live, especially considering what happened with her best friend and crush. With that, however, I wasn't really fully on board with her. Was it terrible that her friend hooked up with the guy she knew she liked? Yes, of course. But at the same time, Vivian had never actually done anything with him, and I don't think she even ever told him how she felt. She really should have attempted it, in the least. Helena was such a terrible friend, so full of herself, that I don't see why Vivian bothered with her at all, or was even surprised when she found out her betrayal. Of course she'd go and do something that like. I really wish the scenes with Chevelle were extended. We barely get to see him, or learn very much about him. It's hard to fall for a character if we don't actually get fully introduced. I wasn't committed to him, or to his and Vivian's relationship because we were never really told all the reasons he'd fallen for her. He just says that he did and she's secretly a witch. That's not really good enough. I would have liked to actually see them falling in love, seen things happen between the two of them and not just between her and a wolf (which by the way, was obvious). Even in the end when she finally falls for him, I was left a little puzzled. Why? Why does she like him? Other than the fact he saves her life a couple times and took her from her evil dad, they don't really have enough interaction with one another for the two of them to bring the "L" word into play. The reason that I gave this book three stars instead of one was the scene in the woods. The villain is super graphic, and I really like the details that went into creating the scene. It added mystery to an otherwise dry story, and I think if the author focused more of her attention fleshing those scenes out and maybe even adding more, the story would be ten times better. There were a lot of grammatical errors and what not, but still, those fight scenes were enough to prove that this author does have the ability to write compelling stories. I just feel other parts needed more attention. Also, it was a fast read, so there's that.


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