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Wanderers of the Night (The Dreamer Trilogy #2) By Tempest C. Avery

Reviewed By Jacey:


Wanderers of the Night (The Dreamer Trilogy, #2)Seventeen-year-old witch, Lily Bryg, is about toe realize there's more to the three realms than she thought. In the past month she's fallen for a werewolf, met a dragon, and found out her life was depicted in an age old prophecy. Now, she needs to figure out how to get into Sidhe, the realm of the fey, in order to rescue a kidnapped friend, all while trying to win a bet she made with an evil king hell bent on making her his queen. Lily doesn't know if she believes in soul mates, but she's torn between hoping he isn't hers and being eerily drawn to him. With the help of her three best friends, a raven, and a white wolf she needs to put her heart aside and focus on fulfilling the prophecy. Everything she knows about faeries tells her they can't be trusted, but when her own coven starts to break apart she's forced to rely on anyone she can get.

If Lily can't save her kidnapped friends and convince them not to fall under sway of dark magic, she'll have to willingly go to the evil kind Ronan. He's been trying to convince her they belong together for years, and she's starting to fear he might be right. Add in the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Lily's task isn't looking any easier. If that weren't mad enough, it turns out she's got a penchant for werewolves.

Can Lily overcome the three realms, or will she succumb to the wanderers of the night before she ever gets the chance?
So here's my first review in FOREVER. I'm happy to once become again active with the blog, and I apologize to our viewers for being absent for far too long. Hopefully I can make it up to you guys in due time, but for now, here's my review of  Tempest's second book in the Dreamer Trilogy!

As enjoyable as the first book was, its sequel is definitely my favorite so far. Tempest's characters are more badass than ever, and even though little time has passed between the two works, we got to see more of each of them, more vividly than the last. Though there is a long, extensive cast list, Tempest successfully catches us up with all their thoughts, actions, quirks, loves and hates. I was also happily surprised that more love interests were thrown into the mix, which made the main love-story between Larkin and Lily unpredictable and atypically fresh. Additionally I got see more of Ronan, who is definitely a sight for sore my mind's eye...? Anyway...I thought Tempest definitely brought out a side to him that readers will adore, and pretty much rooting for Lily to go running into his arms, rather than choosing, as the Dark King might have it, some "mutt" over him.

 Also, I thought it interesting how there's a pervasive theme on family and blood. I'll try not giving anything away, but there are characters in this book that have an intriguing muddled sense of pride but also fear of their dark heritage and/or of their blood ties to others. It begs the question, how much do genes influence children of darkness, and how much loyalty is to be found in their bloodline? Loyalty to friendship and loyalty to blood is consistently tested in this book, which definitely made it for an fascinating read. Vengeance is definitely another aggressive theme that I enjoyed; the weighing of friendship with revenge will have you squirming in your seat til the end.

I don't want to go too in depth with the new creatures and characters you meet in this book, only because I don't want to spoil it for readers new to the trilogy. I will say that the hierarchy of Sidhe was incredibly well crafted. Though some readers might find it strange that the courts are portrayed differently in this book, I thought it brought forth a modernized Sidhe, one that was efficient, with the exception of the Summer Court. I would definitely want to see where Flynn goes in another novel, perhaps outside of the trilogy. Also, LOVED the introduction of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I kind of swooned every time Cadfael (aka War) came into the picture. I don't know if that's some sort of distorted reflection of myself, but....yeah. LOVED him :) Additionally I loved how  hard it was to disagree with them in their talks with Brid about the Dark King. Though the reader logically knows that the Dark King is not someone to side with, we can't help but sort of shrug our shoulder and go along with what they're saying with similar, reluctant grins on our faces. 

Anywho, overall, this book was cooking, and it just gets more exciting as it speeds to an almighty climax. As usual, Tempest rocks at putting the reader in the events occurring in the book (i swear I could stroke the slimy mane of a kelpie in a showdown Lily has with them. Not that I'd want to...). Can't wait to read the next! 


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