Monday, April 22, 2013

Cora: The Unwilling Queen by Amy Hutchinson

Review by Tempest.


What if the ancient story of Persephone and Hades wasn't just a myth?

Cora Dell has, up until her junior year, lived the ordinary life of an ordinary teenager. But that was before the dreams started-vivid dreams of another world and a darkly seductive stranger who whispers intriguing promises into her ear. When her dreams turn into nightmares, however, she suspects that her nightly journeys into this foreign world may be more than fantasy. With the help of her two best friends-and an unexpected ally-Cora struggles to find a solution that will keep her safely in the world she calls home.

* * *

It was really hard for me to decide what I wanted to rate this book. I was torn between three stars and four...In the end, I think it's more like 3.5, but seeing as how we can't do that, I went with 4. The idea behind this book follows a little more closely to that of the myth of Persephone. Hades, we don't actually know his name so I'll stick with that one, finds Cora (somehow) and decides that he wants her to be his next queen (for some reason). In order to get her, however, he has to make a bargain with someone. I won't tell you who, or go into too many details about the book because I don't want to give anything away. Basically though, Cora has to make a choice to either stay in the underworld and marry him or return to her world, the latter of which is not as easy as it sounds. I read the book in one day, so it's a quick and easy read, however there were a few problems that I had with it. For one, most things are said, "there is" and "I will" and "I did not". This made it so hard for me to stay in the story. Most people say, "there's" "I'll" and "I didn't", so it wasn't very believably that the characters felt the need to say every single word. It got frustrating really early on. Another thing was how easily she started liking Soren. They barely new each other. The connection between them was interesting, and I hope it'll be explored more in the next book, but it was still off putting in this one because it felt too much like inst-love. Not believable. Their journey through the underworld...was why too condensed. It was rushed, and that was another thing that made me shake my head and think, "this is a little too hard to buy into". The ring? Too easy. And again, with no explanation. We didn't get enough answers in this book I feel, and I really really hope that we get them in the next book. I would have also liked to see more scenes with Hades in it, and more interactions between the two of them. It felt like the characters fell by the way side because I never got to actually see them. I think the author had a really clear image of who these people were and what was going on, and because of that we weren't given as much knowledge of it. I am still looking forward to reading the second book, especially after how this one ended. I would recommend this to anyone who's interested in mythology, because it does still stick closely to the actual myth, while adding in some interesting changes.

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