Sunday, April 21, 2013

Buying MacKenzie's Baby by Kim Rees

Review by Tempest.


Flat broke and desperate, Kate Hartley runs to her ex-husband for help. However, his help comes with a high price. One she cant refuse. The morning after a high society party finds Kate Hartley in her ex-husbands bed. Just a stupid mistake; something to put behind her Until she discovers that she is pregnant. Mack had never wanted children; had only married her in a rush of lust. Kate knows this. Nothing would drive her to ask anything of him. Nothing. But shes homeless and flat broke. And it isnt only her welfare now. However, Mack has his own agenda. Kate had fooled him once; married him for his money. Whored herself It was why he had divorced her. But now his grandfather has threatened his mothers home if Mack doesnt marry and produce an heir. He had vowed never to marry again. But Kate Hartley is his only choice. And pay back can be sweet Warning: This book contains explicit sex.

* * *

I'm a huge fan of Kim Rees (also known as Kim Knox). It started with reading her book, Dark Dealings and falling in love with her character Heyerdar, who to this day, still stands as one of my favorite male leads of all time. However, this book was slightly disappointing. It's not the only book that I've read under her name Rees, one which she uses to write contemporary romances, and I really liked the last one that I did. There were just a lot of issues I had with the characters in this one. For one, the female lead comes off weak and a major pushover throughout the entire book. Even in the end when she finally sums up enough courage to tell him off, she only gets a few sentences out before dropping it altogether. Every time he comes and they start arguing, finally talking about the things that upset them, she counters with "I'm tired" and immediately wants to just go to bed. This is fine the first few times, but to have it happen each and every one...It got frustrating, especially because all they had to do was sit down and talk it out like adults. The male lead wasn't much better from the get go. Mack was a jerk, plain and simple. Later on in the book, once things are spelled out and explained, I found myself forgiving him a little, but it would have been helpful to get a sense of his emotions for Kate earlier on. Instead, because whenever we were thrown into his head we saw only how much he hated her, I ended up hating him. It makes sense that they'd both fall for her sister after all the proof that she'd supplied, and it's clear from the beginning that it's something like this that's torn them apart, but it was still far too frustrating for me to watch Kate act. She'd swoon for him even thinking that he was having an affair with her little sister. What? We also never find out why he'd kissed Fran in the streets that day. Or let her kiss him I guess. Kate should have confronted him early on, but she didn't. She was between a rock and a hard place, sure, but I don't know, she still seemed like too much of a wuss. I didn't hate it in the end, because like I said once all the pieces snap together you can explain their actions (mostly) the only problem is I had to put them all together myself, which sort of makes me feel like I was making excuses for them. It's ok that he believed her crazy sister because she had pretty good proof, though rationally he could have asked her a little better, etc. Things like that. If you're a fan, I'd still read it. I ended up giving it three stars which means I still liked it so...and the very second we start seeing Mack actually thinking good thoughts towards her you start to like him. The ending is worth it, but the rest of the book is frustrating.

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