Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Window Wednesday #4

Which book would you most like to see made into a movie and why?


I think the book I would most like to see on screen would be Obsidian by Jennirfer L. Armentrout. For one, I would love to see someone portray Daemon, and for two, this book being made means there's a chance that the others will be as well :). The story is really interesting, and sort of similar to the late TV show Roswell, just with the aliens knowing more about themselves. The characters are all compelling and have unique personalities, and there's action, romance, mystery, and comedy in it. That to me makes the perfect movie. The book is about a girl named Katy who moves with her mother to a small town and ends up being neighbors with two alien siblings. The brother, Daemon, is incorrigible, and the sister Dee and her bond almost immediately. Of course then some evil aliens get tossed into the mix. What I like most about this book is that the characters don't fall instantly in love with each other. Their relationship has enough time to develop throughout, and that makes it more believable. The aliens all have cool abilities that would look awesome done through special effects.


So I’m going a bit far back for my pick, and though I was completely turned off by the 5th book in the series, I think maybe some film company should take a crack at the Artemis fowl series, at least the first four. I mean, I haven’t heard anyone try taking on one of Eoin Colfer’s witty and epic works (and if they have then I should have done my research and I’ll get that done soon, you guys just let me know and I’ll hop on itJ ) and I also think a few new things could be brought to the table. Yes, we’ve seen the boy geniuses out there in the cinemas, the mad scientist children who look down their noses with crazy hair; and yet, there’s Artemis Fowl, who though can be a comical character in the series, he’s also extremely sarcastic and his cynicism and wit seems to derive from a 25 year old…when I was 13 reading the first book, I even began forming a mini crush on the 12 year old. I had no excuse after reading the third one at age 16…but even still he was had the suaveness that not even Disney could taint if they made it into a movie. Otherwise fans would riot. I think that would be really cool to find a young actor that could pull this off. Artemis aside, every character in this series is colorful (there are faeries, centaurs, pixies, etc) and also have an added twist (LEPrecon for example is not a specific faerie. It’s an occupation). It’d be really cool just to see these characters on the big screen and also see how Artemis outwits them all J

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