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Sunday Salutations #3:

Hey everyone! So I don't know if you noticed but last week we didn't have a Sunday Salutations OR a Window Wednesday. We've been a little busy. :/ I've pretty much been sucked into the writing world with Unhinged, which also means that I haven't gotten much reading done this week either what with writing and work. There a a few things that we'd like to share however, so, without further ado here's this weeks Sunday Salutations! As a side note, hope everyone is safe and keeping warm if you're on the East Coast and got stuck in the storm. I can't even see my back steps so...loads of snow. :) Just as a reminder to all...

Cover Contest!

Our cover contest is currently up and running! Not very many people have signed up yet :( Come on guys! Here's your chance to win FREE paperback books and all you have to do is come up with a cover title for an image we've supplied! Just add your comment in the comments section (and make sure it's there because it's been acting weird). At the top of the blog you'll see a link leading straight to the post titled Contests, go a head and click it and don't miss out on your chance! All shipping and everything is completely FREE if you win.

Goodreads Group!

We started a Goodreads group for the blog and all of you should go and check it out! You can join by clicking the link above! This is a great chance for everyone to share what they've been reading or books that they've read in the past and loved! This is also a great way to keep up with the giveaways and what not going on in the blog. There's also a section there for authors to promote themselves. We're thinking about setting up a folder with links leading to cheap books so that anyone who needs a new read can go check it out and hopefully find something. All you have to do to join is be a member on, which if you're not already you should be anyway!


We have two giveaways coming up! I've fallen behind in sending out the interview questions so I can't tell you exactly when one of them is going to be posted but hopefully sometime before Tuesday. Fingers crossed. The first is The Dragon's Cell by M.W. McCabe. It'll be accompanied by an interview. :) The second will be of the complete set of my trilogy. Yes, it means I'm shamelessly self promoting, but hey. I'm an indie author so... ;) Keep checking back to see when these will be happening. Like I said, I'm hoping to get McCabe's book up as soon as possible! We do also have openings so anyone interested please feel free to send us an email letting us now! Our policy can be found above on the toolbar! We are also still taking review requests! I (Tempest) do have a HIGH TBR pile, however I also choose what I want to read but what catches my interest at the time so... :)

Currently Reading!

Tempest: I'm currently reading the third book in Kristen Day's, Daughter's of the Sea trilogy, Chosen. I've been looking forward to this book since I basically consumed the first two back in September. Seriously, if you haven't checked this series out I HIGHLY recommend it! This might even be one of those series I recommend more then anything else EVER. They're that good. To briefly describe, it's a series about a girl who finds out that she's got a relation to creatures from Greek myths. She ends up having this huge destiny and meets a group of amazing friends (seriously, her friends made my list on the last Window Wednesday) and, of course, a guy. The writing is spectacular, the story is amazing and compelling, and the characters are believable that I've been secretly wishing I really knew them since the moment we were "introduced". The books are REALLY that good. And so far the third one isn't disappointing. It is moving a little slower then the last two, but then again that could just be because I've been so busy it's hard for me to find time to really sit down and get in to anything.

All That We See Or Seem (The Dreamer Trilogy, #1)Jacey: At the moment I'm reading "All That We See Or Seem" the first book in Tempest's "The Dreamer Trilogy!" I've been anxious to begin my colleague's trilogy and so far I have NOT been disappointed! This has all the elements of the fantastical that any fantasy lover would DROOL over: an evil ( and INCREDIBLY hot) king, Fey, shapeshifters, dragons, artful use of Gaelic name it! I'll be writing a review in a few days, so I really don't want to divulge all of its awesomeness just yet. My brief overview of it: Lily is a seventeen year old witch who is not from around here. Along with her three friends, all of which are known as the Four, they are destined to either defeat the Dark King of Bevain, or fall, with Lily at his side as Queen. Will Lily succumb to the Dark King, who has haunted her in her dreams since she was twelve? Or will she lead a rebellion to glory, with the gorgeous Larkin at her side? Stay tuned for the review!!!

On Our TBR Piles!

Tempest: I have a LOT of books that I'm really excited about currently in my To Be Read pile. I'm a massive book collector so that's not surprising. For the most part, I'm not happy unless I'm swimming in a pile of books. As you can imagine, that makes every one around me (mainly my parents) pretty upset, considering there are next to no spaces free of book occupation. Anywho though, I recently finished and reviewed Hush, Hush because I really wanted to know what the hype was all about despite not being a big angel fiction fan myself. Not upset that I did. I loved it. And because of that rushed out and bought the second book in the saga the next day. So there's that. Another book I'm really excited to get to is Opal by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Can I just say that this series is one of the best that I've ever read, like, ever? Because it is. I ordered a paperback copy of Existence by Abbi Glines (the ebook copy is only a few bucks cheaper in this books case so if you're thinking about reading it might I suggest just spending the little extra and going hard copy?) and I'm looking forward to checking that out as well. So far the reviews have been pretty mixed, but the story sounds very interesting and seeing as how I'm currently working on a book of my own about the Underworld, I thought why not give it a try and see someone else's take on death? In this case literally, seeing as how the main character in the book is Death. And then the last book that I'll mention before I completely bore you all to...well, death (ha ha. I know. I'm not actually that funny) is Greta and the Goblin King, by Chloe Jacobs. I've never heard anything about this author before but the blurb for the book sounded way to interesting to pass up! Alright, so I know I've mentioned other books on my pile before and then next thing you all know I'm reading something completely different, but hopefully these are the next ones you see reviews for from me. :) Like I always say I read what I feel like reading at the time, and there's no way of really knowing what that's going to be beforehand.

Tough GirlJacey: so after hearing Tempest rave about "Hush, Hush," I kind of grew I'm going to be writing a review for it as well :) I've always been intrigued by the concept of angels ever since I attended church when I was younger and a friend of mine also got me into the Fallen series years and years ago. It's been a while since I've delved in Angel-based literature and I've only heard good things about this series. Cannot wait to start it :) Additionally I'm looking forward to reading Libby Heily's "Tough Girl," one of the books that we hosted a giveaway/author's interview for a few weeks ago. I'm always intrigued by alter-egos-turned-real concepts which the blurb on goodreads seems to suggest, or anything that hints towards something born of the psyche to become real. I'm excited for my mind to twist and turn! :D

Ok thanks for stopping by! And for those of you who did happen to get caught in the snow storm this weekend here's a...

Hot Cocoa Recipe!


2 cups of chocolate chips.
1 Cup of milk.
1/2 of sugar.
Extra flavoring such as mint, hazelnut, vanilla, etc... This can in liquid form or even using other chips. Once I used caramel chips and chocolate chips together.


Heat milk and sugar on stove until boiling. Slowly add in the chocolate chips, stirring while you do so so that they melt. Once everything is completely stirred together, add the contents into a blender and blend for about thirty or so seconds. Careful, this makes it thick and frothy (like cocoa should be) but can also mean it over fills from the blender so keep an eye on it. Pour into cups and add whatever garnish you'd like. :)

Stay warm everyone!

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