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All That We See or Seem (The Dreamer Trilogy, #1) by Tempest C Avery

Review By Jacey


All That We See Or Seem (The Dreamer Trilogy, #1)Lily Bryg is a seventeen year old witch. She doesn't always know what that means, or how to control it, but she does know that to most, it paints a pretty little target over her forehead. If that's not bad enough, Ronan an evil king who believes she's his soul mate has been stalking her in her dreams. Should she fight Ronan and risk everything, or give up her freedom to possibly save her friends? 

And what about Larkin, the attractive shape shifter who sparks a strong sense of deja vu within her? He claims they knew each other in her past life, but how could she trust something that she can't remember? Dodging witches, demons, faeries, dragons, and much, much more, the Four are just beginning to realize that having power comes with a lot responsibility. And sacrifice. But one question stands out among the rest, haunting Lily throughout the nights and days. Should she fight Ronan a d risk everything,or should she give up her freedom to the gorgeous, yet wicked, king in order to possibly save her friends?


So I was SUPER pumped to begin reading this, having heard Tempest talk about it and also from other readers who raved about it. Additionally as of recent I've been either filling out graduate applications or I've been reading science fiction, so I thought a shift to fantasy would be satisfying. And satisfying it was :)  

First and foremost, I loved the conflict of four seventeen year old's coming home, but not to a world they knew, nor did all of them completely align themselves with. I feel like a lot of authors make an assumption that as soon as people are forced back to a world where they're destined to save its people, there's like two seconds of "omg I don't belong here, I'm not a hero!" Then there's one quick pep talk from the one wise person among them and then the hero or heroes go "oh biggie." Tempest makes our reincarnated heroes' transition to their home realm Bevain excruciating, while also instilling our heroes with a sense of duty that develops over time, until they finally come to grips with the reality that the fate of an entire world rests on them. The coming-of-age cliches are pretty much absent in this text, which is pretty refreshing :)

What I loved most about the text was how Tempest was able to paint a colorful world of faeries, dragons,witches and shape shifters, while also managing a snappy, fast paced, and modernized dialogue. There isn't an overload of "milords," "miladies" or formal dialogue that sometimes comes off as grating and sometimes dulls the characters' personalities. Tempest not only succeeds in constructing dialogue that snaps you attention, but also characters' whose dialogues are uniquely their own.

Also I loved the couples in this book. The juxtaposition of Bran and Brid with Lily and Larkin make the reader adore both couples, while also pitying one and envying the other. And then there's the Dark King Ronan, who's just plain EVIL to everyone, but the moment you see him interact with the conflicted Lily, he softens, and even after being such a COMPLETE jerk sometimes you're like "aawww but look at that he loooves her!" and twenty seconds later you're like "wait, that KNUCNKLEHEAD!"  After having to witness this double-sidedness of him consistently throughout this book, I just want to leap into his twisted head and see what else is there. I'm hoping I get to see more of what goes on in those dark, oozing brains of his the second and third books! :) 

Simply put, I fell in love with the characters in this book, and though they have no awareness of me screaming at and crying with them while reading this, I feel like I've fought with them in the throes of battle and that i too am roped into the same destiny. Seriously can't wait to pick up the next book!


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