Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sunday Salutations #2

Happy Sunday everyone! :) So for those of you who've been away, we were recently nominated for a blog award! You can find out all about it two posts down, and just wanted to give out another thanks to Avita for nominating us! In other news, we're going to be making a trip to the local book barn tomorrow, which means that we'll be shopping for goodies to go into the cover contest. Which also means that the contest will begin sometime this week, so make sure to keep checking back! :) I (Tempest) only posted one review all week due to the fact I was stuck (and I don't use the term loosely) reading Meg Cabot's, Abandon. You can go read my very short review to see my full opinion on it, but obviously I didn't like it much. However, that did make me realize that it's long past time I actually start writing a book based on Greek myth that I've been wanted to for years now! So...

Projects in the Works!!!

Tempest: I've had this idea for a book based off of Greek myth since I was about twelve, and after all the books I've recently been reading that are takes off of myths, I think I'm finally about ready to just sit down and write it. :) While I realize the Persephone story is the most popular, It's always been a favorite of mine as well, so I will say that my book has some ties to that. However, I am planning on it being a little different then the original myth, as in no fire and brimstone or pomegranate seeds. Or chariots. Or probably even the name Hades. Lol. We'll see. I am working on the first stand alone book in my Three Realm series right now, as well as book 2 in The Coven trilogy so I'm not sure when this book (currently titled Unhinged) will be done. It has been started though! Yay me! I go a little cover crazy so I already have that designed! I find that helps me keep motivated! ;) I am really excited to write it, so we'll see how long it takes me. You gotta write the book that wants to be written, right?

Jacey:  Alas, I have not been getting as much writing as I should be. You could call it a writer's block, you could also call it applying to grad school. Or, perhaps you should call it laziness. All of these aside, I will mention that I've been working on a piece that I began constructing during my sophomore year in college. It's called Summons, and its plot has changed drastically since I turned in the first draft to my creative writing teacher. My story mainly originated from something my dad said once while he was driving me to school:

"Everything we see and everything we are came from a star. We need sustenance from our sun, a yellow star. The earth and many of our planets are made through the collapse and creation of stars. Thus, Josie, we too in a sense are made of stars. We are the universe looking back on ourselves."

Anyway, from this quote (which he says came from pbs) came the idea for my story, which has beings (which I still have yet to name) that are, literally, stars in human form, created by the gods to walk between realms. I'm just going to leave it at that. Tempest has been lovely enough to supply me with a cover already, which you can see at the side panels of our blog. Maybe one of these days I'll gain enough courage to put it up for you guys to see :)


This week the out giveaway has been for Libby Heily's, Tough Girl. It ends Monday night so hurry up and join! What do you have to lose? Nothing. That's what! There's a link in the giveaways section at the very top, and every time we host another giveaway we place the link there for easier access for all of you! :) Or you can simply scroll on down and check it out that way. There's a blurb, a cover, image, and an author interview so you can get to know more about Libby Heily!

We'll be hosting a giveaway for Kareen Wade Mccabe as well as doing an author interview this week once Libby's is over, so be sure to check back to find out more about this author and her book, The Dragon's Call. :)

Anyone interested in having us host a giveaway check the review policy and email us!

Currently Reading!!!

Tempest: I'm currently reading Darynda Jones', Death and the Girl Next Door, which I started late last night (early this morning?) and so far really really like! Which is good, because in case you haven't noticed, I haven't been to thrilled with the past three or so books I've read. I'm really in need for something epic. Or at least grand. Heck, at this point, I'd settle for just a simple great. ;) I really like the style so far, and the flow is pretty nice so fingers crossed!

Jacey: I'm currently reading Vered Ehsani's Dragon's War, the sequel to Vered's compelling Dragon's Mind. The plot was one that immediately sucked me in. Dragon is what the characters call a MindOps who runs an entire city island and is accompanied by Vered's heroine Myth, and now both are fighting forces that would love to see him shut down. The themes of what makes one human are beautiful, and the unorthodox chemistry between brain and girl are amazing, which led me to pick up the second. Here's a look at the cover. I think it looks sick :)

Looking Forward For!!!

Tempest: I know I mentioned this in last weeks Sunday Salutations, but I am still really excited to check out The Looking Glass Wars. I also have Devoured by Amanda Marrone and The Devouring by Simon Holt on my shelf! I'm thinking I'll probably read those two one after the other due to the similar titles, yet completely differing plots. I love when that happens. :) I also have a bunch of indie author work to read, including Dollhouse by Anna Allyn, Give Me Forever by Celeste Carrara, and The Blood by Alisha Basso, just to name a very few.

Jacey: So I'm looking at my to-be-read pile (which I hope to build upon once I'm done applying for grad school) and at the moment I can't help but be psyched about reading Kasia James' The Artemis Effect. This has end-of-the-world mayhem written all over it which is one of my favorite morbid fascinations. I'm also really happy the story isn't just going to have one character going up against the world but three, and I really hope to see if these three personalities collide. I love books that interweave narratives. Plus, who seriously doesn't love a apocalyptic novel? ;) Anywho, I hope everyone enjoyed this spiel, I definitely had a kick writing it. If you guys know any good dystpoian/post-apocalyptic novels that are worth reading let me know!

Alright! Thanks for stopping by everyone! Feel free to leave us a comment telling us about a book we've reviewed or something that you're currently reading! :) Don't forget to come back and check out Window Wednesday, as well as stop by to see when we finally have that contest up! You won't want to miss it! Hope you all have a great week!

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