Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cover Contest! Prize Givaway!

Hey everyone! So we've been talking for a while about how we want to host a contest here on The Window Seat and here it is! This is a good chance to maybe find something new to read. We've gone through our book shelves and picked out a few that we've purchased in the past and have copies of. Anyone can enter so long as they follow the rules! This contest will last from the first of February to the first of March! However, because we'll be paying for shipping on prizes ourselves, we're sorry to announce that entries can only be from the US. Sorry :/ Here is what the contest entails:


Take a look at the cover we've supplied below and come up with a title. It can be funny, ironic, romantic, whatever, so long as it doesn't contain any swear words and it is not vulgar. I'm really serious about that last one. Vulgarity will not be tolerated. Anywho, this is a cover that I've designed myself and is actually the cover of Jacey's (unfinished) book, Summons. So, yes, it does technically already have a title, and yes, it does already belong to a book, this is just about having fun and seeing what you guys come up with!


1.) As mentioned above, NO vulgarity.
2.) You must comment with your cover title in the comments section AND follow our blog. We will be checking to make sure that those of you who win didn't just say you've done these things in rafflecopter and that you actually did.
3.) No making fun of other people's ideas!
4.) No taking someone else's idea. Doubles aren't allowed.
5.) This image belongs to us, so no stealing!

And finally for the best part...


There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner chosen at the end of the contest. Below, we've displayed cover images of the books available for you all to win! There are three packages, the Vampire prize pack, the Werewolf prize pack, and the Romance prize pack. All winners will receive an email from us asking which prize they would like as well as where they would like us to send them. All shipping of prizing is completely FREE.

FIRST PLACE WINNER will have the option of choosing one of the three prize packs. 

SECOND PLACE WINNER will get to choose two books from the two remaining prize packs. That means they can ask for two books from one of the prize packs, so long as it's not the one the first place winner chose.

THIRD PLACE WINNER will get to choose one book from the remaining prize packs.

Vampire Prize Pack:

Werewolf Prize Pack:

Romance Prize Pack:

Alright everyone, without further ado, here is the cover that you need to come up with a title for! Below that is the rafflecopter where you need to enter. The drawing will be done at random by rafflecopter (to help keep things fair) HOWEVER we will be checking to make sure that you've all followed the rules. If you're name pops up and we check and see that you haven't, then we will choose someone else. Good luck everyone!!!


  1. I think something might be wrong with the comments section. PLEASE check to make sure that your comment goes through once you submit it!!! Wouldn't want you guys to get disqualified simply because there was a glitch with the system!