Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warflesh by Kim Knox

Review by Tempest.


Warflesh Kim Knox Fina Brodie is warflesh. Enhanced by her government to bring ultimate pleasure, her negotiation skills secure anything her superiors want. The choice of pleasure she offers has always been hers. Until now. She's not meeting Kian, Lord of the Tir, to negotiate for their mysterious spice-water. She's payment. And she's not alone in bringing pleasure to the mysterious Tir leader. The man Kian has chosen to join them in the very sexual, very public spring festival has long headed her "never ever" list. Add the spice-water, which is rocket fuel to her already highly evolved libido, and it makes her reactions to Jonathon Raegh all the more dangerous. But the Tir have a hidden agenda, and as the aphrodisiac qualities of the spice-water ignite long-suppressed lusts, all is revealed to Kian, Fina and Jon in the heat and passion of the arena. Reader Advisory: Let there be no confusion. The spring festival is a sexual feast between two incredibly sexy men and one very lucky woman. Get the ice water ready.

* * *

Like everything else I've read by this author, I loved this book. The characters were all great and I really enjoyed finding out about Fina and Jon's back story. They had an interesting relationship which was fun to read. They have a past together and Jon happens to be good friends with her brother so at first that makes everything slightly awkward for them. Of course they get pass that. There really isn't much to say about this book other then that it was a good read that I would recommend to anyone who has some time to just sit down and immerse themselves in another world. The Tir were were well described and everything was really easy to picture in my mind. Knox does a great job at showing and not just telling. The concept of being chosen for this job was also interesting. I liked that because it gave Fina more depth as a character. This isn't really something she wanted to sign up for, but she was chosen to be Warflesh and just had to go along with it. That's lucky for her brother that it didn't take, but also it made me feel kind of sorry for her because she didn't have the same luck. The only problem I had with this book was the ending was a little strange to me, but that's more a personal opinion then anything actually bad. It still worked really well for the story, and the last few pages makes up for that twist towards the end anyway.

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