Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FREE Novella/Book Release!!! :)

Hi everyone!!! Tempest here! So for those of you who also happen to read my work, just wanted to mention that the third book in the Dreamer trilogy has finally been released!!!! :) Below is a blurb and a link to where you can get the book! AND as a special thank you for everyone who's been supporting Jacey and my book blog, I'm offering up free ebook copies of the beginning novella to the trilogy, Where Thy Dark Eye Glances. Now, there have been comments in the past about how this is short (about 91 pages) and whatnot, so let me just take a moment to make one thing really clear: THIS IS A NOVELLA!!! ;) It's not super long, and it's only the beginning to the much longer series, so it isn't going to tell you everything there is to know, it's merely going to set the scene for book one. However, it is pretty important and does give you a look into the Four's lives in NYC. You can find this book on the left hand corner of the page when you click the link bellow that will bring you to the third book. The title of the novella is Where Thy Dark Eye Glances. Here's the code (which you just type into the check out): VZ25G Also, it expires Dec 7th, so don't wait and hurry to get your free copy! ;) Here's the blurb and the link to Amid the Roar:
Lily Bryg never thought she would end up magically locked away in Graindoth with Ronan. And actually kind of liking it. Now that she's bound to the castle for three days, he's let down some of his walls, giving her a look at a side of him she never knew existed. But how could she be starting to like the guy who not only ruined her life, but the lives of her friends as well? The fate of the entire realm rests with her, and in order to become the Dreamer of prophecy, Lily is going to have to start making choices she wouldn't have made only three months ago. Her fellow witches are trying to find a way to help her, while juggling their own love lives and the Rebellion at the same time.

Add to the equation the fact she's still very much in love with both Devlin werewolves, and her traitorous bestfriend is living in the castle with her, and Lily's troubles just keep growing larger and larger. When in doubt Lily and her friends have always turned to magic for guidance, and now their desperately struggling to form alliances with dragons and faeries before the final battle. She needs to figure out her heart, her soul mate, and decide once and for all how she plans on taking the throne. What kind of ruler she wants to be, and who she really wants to rule at her side.

Demons and dark fey she can handle, but making a choice like this might just kill her.


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