Friday, December 28, 2012

The 5 Moons of Tiiana: By Paul T. Harry

The 5 Moons of Tiiana (The Chronicles of Rez Cantor, #1)Review by Jacey

After saving the Princess of Melela from certain death at the hands of the alien hybrid Relcor, then getting her off planet, Captain Rez Cantor is in a quandary. Instead of reaching a safe haven as planned, the unthinkable happens, and the results leave him injured and alone on an alien moon with no recollection of how he got there. To make matters worse, his life is in danger. There is a strange alien cloud hovering over him with the intention of devouring him. 

Welcome to the 5 moons of Tiiana–five moons unlike any other in the galaxy.

This story is an epic narration on Rez’s quest as he searches for the answers to the mysteries surrounding Tiiana and her 5 moons. But first, he will need to survive and adapt, second, locate the princess, and third, save the races of Tiiana from annihilation. 

The journey begins on Urlena, a water-covered moon populated by the Aquella. A race forced to live underwater because Giragoc, the cloud God rules the sky.

Next comes, Boutal–a medieval moon divided between three races, the human-looking Motula, the ape-wolf Solula, and the flying gargoyles known as the Brata.

Aura is a dead moon ruled by robots, the only surviving remnants of the first moon war.

Zin is a moon peopled by the Zecla–a warrior race of locust who breed uncontrollably every 2000 years crushing and devouring everything in their path.

And lastly, there is Vashia, the cool blue moon ruled by the Visi–a race of ghosts who hold the key to everything.
Intrigued by this wondrous array of moons and beings? Perhaps then you’d like to join Rez on his quest. The journey begins on page one . . 

I'll begin my review by saying this is one of the most well-written pieces I've had the pleasure to discover and read. The author, Harry, succeeded in immediately drawing me into this epic with his excellence in writing. The landscapes are beautifully illustrated, so amazingly that I could almost picture myself strolling through the ruined city on Urlena or in a marketplace in Casita. The way Harry has crafted his epic is gorgeous, the environments desirable and also delightfully frightening.
There were several issues that I felt needed to be noted as I read this. Though the language is eloquent, I found some of the characters' descriptions to be either silly, wavering, or just not ones that I could empathize with. One clear example of this would be in the book's beginning, in Rez's interactions with Penta, the whore he finds to replace the princess. At first, you think she's secretly a bad-ass independent woman struggling in a scummy part of the universe, hating what she does but doing it because society has imposed it on her. The fact that she's enslaved made me root for her to begin with. However, not very long after you meet her, she turns into a ditz who won't shut up. On top of that, Rez, who's supposed to be a calm and collected general goes a bit overboard and smacks her and calls her names. Though Harry says she whines, we don't actually get to get a peek into what is making her annoying. Thus, this all just makes the main protagonist look like a jerk. Then, when on Urlena, he busts his two buddies' heads together, the only ones that were actually nice to him, to escape the mines. THEN, even though the King of the Motula says they themselves had been responsible for countless deaths of the Brata, Rex is ready to "kill them all" for the sake of his companion's Oolat's desire for vengeance. Additionally, I felt that the direction of the novel was lost in pursuit for action sequence, which though well written, just felt distracting. 
In addition to these, I thought that there could have been less "When suddenlys" or "Unexepctedlys." I felt that Harry could have substituted these with another description, knowing how well he writes the rest of the novel. 
All in all, this book does pack one exciting punch. It has adventure, action, violence, the works, so if you're in the mood for an insane romp, this is for you.  I think that if Harry had put this in third person though, it could have been better. Perhaps if he had written it that way, he could have put more detail and background into Rex, giving him him reasoning behind his actions, such as mistreating a whore or being somewhat savage when meeting one's ends, and thus make him a more empathetic character. Honestly, I think if you can't make the reader feel empathy for the main character, there can't really be a story that he or she will want to follow. No one wants to know how a jerk rose or fell.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Breaker's Concubine by Ann Mayburn

Review by Tempest.


Prince Devnar of Jensia is goaded into raiding the wrong space ship, springing a trap that captures him for use as a Royal pleasure slave, a Concubine, on Kyrimia. He vows to do everything he can to escape and keep from forming a psychic bond with his captors that would render him absolutely and totally in love. This proves difficult to do when the female Breaker assigned to turn him into a Concubine, Melania, is the epitome of his perfect woman.

Melania has been raised and trained to help reluctant and abused Novices to break through their personal blocks and attain the ultimate prize of becoming a Concubine. When she is given Devnar to train, she finds herself in danger of doing the forbidden and falling in love with her Novice. This angry, scarred, and utterly seductive male tests her self-control like no other.

Devnar and Melania find themselves at the heart of a galaxy wide political battle that will test a love that they must not acknowledge, and cannot live without, to its very limits.

* * *

I liked this book a lot. It was interesting and there were a few unique concepts that helped move the story along at a fresh pace. What I really liked about it is that, despite the blurb, this book isn't full of one character seriously dominating over another. The two main characters, Melania and Devnar actually do a nice job of switching back and forth. They both have their moments where they're the alpha in a sense. The fact that they were both from two different planets also helped to make this story really enjoyable. I loved finding out all the compressions and contrasts (of which there were many) between their two different societies and cultures. It was cool seeing their different perspectives on situations, how they reacted to something by the way they'd been brought up. Mayburn doesn't bombard you with all of these details, but lets them subtly slip through the story which is nice. I never felt like I was being force fed information which is the worst. There were very few things I found annoying, or didn't like, about this book. One of them is how in the beginning Melania is described as having a gorgeous face, yet an "unattractive" body, however throughout the rest of the book everyone calls her an "ugly boy". It would have been nice if they'd at least kept the reference of her face being pretty, not because I want her to be pretty, but because it would have helped tie in the story. Not only that, but it would have also helped selling her stature. She started off as being one of the best known breakers, after all. They weren't attracted to her, but they respected her, and in a society like that I just feel like they would have clung to her "one" attractive feature more in order to justify themselves. My one other issue was how quickly the two of them fell for each other. However, that only threw me for about a page or so before I got over it and back into the story. The details were really good, and the villains were really bad. The ending worked out great, was convincing, and left me feeling satisfied. I would recommend reading this one. There's action, adventure, romance, and yes, sex. But at the heart of it there's a story about two people who are missing something in their lives that they find in each other. Devnar helps give her confidence and Melania helps to ground him. It's a really sweet exchange to watch.

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FREE Novella/Book Release!!! :)

Hi everyone!!! Tempest here! So for those of you who also happen to read my work, just wanted to mention that the third book in the Dreamer trilogy has finally been released!!!! :) Below is a blurb and a link to where you can get the book! AND as a special thank you for everyone who's been supporting Jacey and my book blog, I'm offering up free ebook copies of the beginning novella to the trilogy, Where Thy Dark Eye Glances. Now, there have been comments in the past about how this is short (about 91 pages) and whatnot, so let me just take a moment to make one thing really clear: THIS IS A NOVELLA!!! ;) It's not super long, and it's only the beginning to the much longer series, so it isn't going to tell you everything there is to know, it's merely going to set the scene for book one. However, it is pretty important and does give you a look into the Four's lives in NYC. You can find this book on the left hand corner of the page when you click the link bellow that will bring you to the third book. The title of the novella is Where Thy Dark Eye Glances. Here's the code (which you just type into the check out): VZ25G Also, it expires Dec 7th, so don't wait and hurry to get your free copy! ;) Here's the blurb and the link to Amid the Roar:
Lily Bryg never thought she would end up magically locked away in Graindoth with Ronan. And actually kind of liking it. Now that she's bound to the castle for three days, he's let down some of his walls, giving her a look at a side of him she never knew existed. But how could she be starting to like the guy who not only ruined her life, but the lives of her friends as well? The fate of the entire realm rests with her, and in order to become the Dreamer of prophecy, Lily is going to have to start making choices she wouldn't have made only three months ago. Her fellow witches are trying to find a way to help her, while juggling their own love lives and the Rebellion at the same time.

Add to the equation the fact she's still very much in love with both Devlin werewolves, and her traitorous bestfriend is living in the castle with her, and Lily's troubles just keep growing larger and larger. When in doubt Lily and her friends have always turned to magic for guidance, and now their desperately struggling to form alliances with dragons and faeries before the final battle. She needs to figure out her heart, her soul mate, and decide once and for all how she plans on taking the throne. What kind of ruler she wants to be, and who she really wants to rule at her side.

Demons and dark fey she can handle, but making a choice like this might just kill her.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Warflesh by Kim Knox

Review by Tempest.


Warflesh Kim Knox Fina Brodie is warflesh. Enhanced by her government to bring ultimate pleasure, her negotiation skills secure anything her superiors want. The choice of pleasure she offers has always been hers. Until now. She's not meeting Kian, Lord of the Tir, to negotiate for their mysterious spice-water. She's payment. And she's not alone in bringing pleasure to the mysterious Tir leader. The man Kian has chosen to join them in the very sexual, very public spring festival has long headed her "never ever" list. Add the spice-water, which is rocket fuel to her already highly evolved libido, and it makes her reactions to Jonathon Raegh all the more dangerous. But the Tir have a hidden agenda, and as the aphrodisiac qualities of the spice-water ignite long-suppressed lusts, all is revealed to Kian, Fina and Jon in the heat and passion of the arena. Reader Advisory: Let there be no confusion. The spring festival is a sexual feast between two incredibly sexy men and one very lucky woman. Get the ice water ready.

* * *

Like everything else I've read by this author, I loved this book. The characters were all great and I really enjoyed finding out about Fina and Jon's back story. They had an interesting relationship which was fun to read. They have a past together and Jon happens to be good friends with her brother so at first that makes everything slightly awkward for them. Of course they get pass that. There really isn't much to say about this book other then that it was a good read that I would recommend to anyone who has some time to just sit down and immerse themselves in another world. The Tir were were well described and everything was really easy to picture in my mind. Knox does a great job at showing and not just telling. The concept of being chosen for this job was also interesting. I liked that because it gave Fina more depth as a character. This isn't really something she wanted to sign up for, but she was chosen to be Warflesh and just had to go along with it. That's lucky for her brother that it didn't take, but also it made me feel kind of sorry for her because she didn't have the same luck. The only problem I had with this book was the ending was a little strange to me, but that's more a personal opinion then anything actually bad. It still worked really well for the story, and the last few pages makes up for that twist towards the end anyway.