Friday, November 30, 2012

Spirit Binder by Meghan Ciana Doidge

Review by Tempest.


Theo woke severely injured, covered in blood, and missing ten years of her life.

Just to complicate matters further, Theo was born under a prophecy; one that has rabid followers with three different interpretations, all of whom are willing to sacrifice her in order to fulfill it.

Not knowing if she can trust the stranger she’s betrothed to, the warrior visiting her dreams, or even her own mother, Theo tries to piece together her past only to find that her present is far more dangerous.

It’s the power of her own blood that scares her most of all. This is a responsibility Theo never wanted, and a destiny she cannot deny, “All because of a prophecy she was trying not to believe in, but kept fulfilling.”

* * *

At first I didn't think I was going to like this book. From the first chapter everything is written awkwardly which caused it to seem like it didn't have a good story flow. But then I read chapter two.......and didn't stop until chapter 14. The book got really engaging, and I fell for the characters and the story revolved around them. I really like the idea of these people basically pulling Theo in all these different directions because of how they interpret her prophecy. It was interesting to see how differently everyone took it. I would have liked more information on Hugh however, and on Ren. Especially Ren. He was kind of just tossed in and then we really only got to see one or two flashbacks with him in it. I think was this book really could have used was to be extended and given more depth. Characters were underdeveloped because they weren't given enough page time. I really liked Ren, but I also didn't know too much about him or his and Theo's relationship. She wasn't just dating the guy, she'd agreed to bind herself to him. That's a lot more commitment then just an invite over a fence warrants. I know there's more to it, but I didn't get to see that. I was happy with who she ended up with, however. But that brings me to the ending. Like the beginning it felt rushed and disjointed. Everything happened way too quickly with not enough information in between. It just felt like I was watching a movie with the forward button permanently on. I wanted more detail, to see more happen. One minute Ren is giving up his life the next he's terrified. We don't really get to see that change, it just happens. Sure, she did some crazy magic, but she also saved his life. You'd think he'd be a little grateful. On top of that, there was no fight scene and that whole ordeal happened in a blink. It was just so easy for her. She went down and said a few sentences and all of a sudden everyone agreed. I just wish it was a little more complex. They didn't actually need to war or anything, but it should have been a little harder. Everything in between was great, but the beginning and ending of this book kind of ruined a lot of it for me. I was left feeling unsatisfied. I would however read another of this author's books, and I do still recommend it simply because the rest of it really was that good. The characters were all given distinct personalities and the driving force with the Preacher was interesting.

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