Friday, November 2, 2012

Red by Kate Kinsey

Review by Tempest.


Truly, madly...deadly

A BDSM thriller

Detective Tom Hanson has a string of grotesquely mutilated bodies on his hands and no answers—aside from the fact that the victims were members of an underground sex club catering to singular erotic tastes. Tastes the long, lean detective has sampled himself in the arms of his former lover, a fiery redhead who offered the most erotic, irresistible sex he’d ever encountered. Until the night she’d begged for the one thing he couldn’t give, and he lost her forever.

Gina Larsen is the only one who can guide Hanson through the fringe world of dark fantasy and desire that lies hidden deep beneath the Bible Belt. Lured into her lair by a quest for justice, Hanson discovers his hunger for Gina has only grown stronger and deeper…beyond the edge of control. Soon he’s shedding his last inhibitions in the search for answers, but the more she draws him into her erotic web, the less he can distinguish between passion and duty, pleasure and pain…good and evil.
                                                                            * * *

I got this book off a R2R program on in exchange for an honest review. It's not typically the type of book that I'm interested in, but the blurb caught my attention so I figured...why not? I loved the mystery, it was well thought out and well written. The details of it were great, pulling me in so that I could really picture everything in my mind. Though it starts off smack dab into the erotic, there are many more aspects to this book that become more powerful then just that. The mystery over these killings was the dominant story throughout. I'm really not into crime or mystery books, basically at all. Yet this book really did draw me in once it started going. I do have a slight issue with the characters themselves, and that's that they weren't developed as well as they could have been, but as for the rest of it it was good.

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