Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Path of Needles by Hannah Kollef

Review by Tempest.


When 17-year-old Kat Finnegan is warned in a Brooklyn alleyway that her father is going to disappear, she shrugs and walks away. The next morning her father is gone--leaving behind a booby-trapped apartment and a mystery that has slept for a thousand years.

To get him back, Kat and her twin brother Roger will have to unravel the secrets behind the Rose Queen--the fairy queen who ripped apart reality and stitched it back together, transforming the Fey into the memories known as fairy tales. They will also have to come to grips with their emerging powers and discover why they are known to the magical world as "The Truth" and "The Lie."

Hunted by demons and treacherous Fey, Kat and Roger follow the Queen's trail from Manhattan to Newark. But neither the Queen nor her curse is what they expected, and more is at stake than their father's life--and theirs.

Path of Needles is the explosive first book in the Paths series: urban fantasies littered with deadly fairy tales, tangled romance, and heartbreaking betrayals.

* * *

It was harder for me to get into this then it seems like it was for most other people. The beginning didn't really draw me in, and I felt like I just wanted to brush past the first couple of chapters in order to get to the point. Even further in I quickly realized I was actually more interested in finding out what the heck was going on between Roger and Jim then why their father was taken or someone left a monster waiting in their kitchen. That scene, however, was really well written. A lot of the stuff that happened wasn't described well enough, so that I had to reread and flip back pages, but that scene had a lot of really great details and I could easily picture the creature in my mind. I think he got killed a little too fast, but at the same time I was glad that the story didn't stall and dwell on it too long. There were a lot of moments throughout where I was just waiting for something to happen. Because of that I wasn't really interested right away, or even sad to admit later on. A lot of people have left some really good comments about this book, which leads me to believe that my difference of opinion is just that. It just wasn't the right type of book for me.

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