Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dark Corners: Twelve Tales of Terror by Michael Bray

Review by Jacey


Dark CornersWhat lurks within the darkness? What crawls outside of our perception? What happens when the world as we know it stops making sense? When reality isn't what it seems, and the rules no longer apply... Michael Bray delivers twelve tales of mind-bending terror from the dark reaches of the human psyche.


This journey through the macabre and Hell was a week-long feast of gore, terror, hell, demonic debauchery,  you name it. Additionally for a week straight, I struggled to sleep, either because I was completely hooked on one of Bray's twisted tales, or I was apprehensive that one of his diabolical creations was going to materialize through the walls and carry me off.

To be honest, when I began reading the first story, I was not in love with it. The character himself was smoothly laid out, humorously sardonic, and yes it was pretty horrifying what happens to him. It was interesting that Bray explored a scenario where someone would be transformed into what we understand to be a Zombie. I like zombies, however I craved for an exploration into scenarios that remained unexplored, and I worried that the zombie scenario was a precursor for other stories that might go down the road towards conventional. Fortunately, I was not disappointed. Going through these stories, the mind of a serial killer is explored, the creation of demons is revealed, sexual pleasures that are deemed nightmarish to society are described as complete delights. There are moments where the reader can't help but join in on the side of the demonic, but then will suddenly be revolted enough that the reader is back to being horrified. Additionally, I loved the way the stories seemed to all connect, and by the book's end I was slightly disappointed that there wasn't one final story that tied EVERYTHING together. However, there being twelve varying tales, that would be next to impossible and I think Bray does an excellent job with having some of his tales bleed into others. All in all, i enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who wants a good scare and a few stomach jerks. I give it a 4 out of 5 suns!

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