Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Go-To Guy by Karl Fields

Reviewed by Tempest.


“Hey,” she called. “Are you ready for me?”
Again, my nerves got the better of me. The truth was, I had no idea whether I was ready for a girl like her. I’d never met one.

Carthage, Texas, known for quilting festivals and country music. It isn’t the middle of nowhere, but sixteen-year-old Eric Myers swears he can see it from there. As he readies for his senior year, Eric’s only thought is landing the basketball scholarship that will take somewhere far from the oil fields, where many before him have traded their dreams for a paycheck.

A series of earthquakes has livened up a dull, hot summer, but when Eric stops to help a stranded motorist the real excitement begins. His small hometown is about to host some far-off visitors with bad intentions, just as Eric learns it’s his destiny to stop them.

The Go-To Guy is a fun, fast-paced novella that checks in at just over 100 pages.

* * *

When I'm really pressed for time I try to find something small to read, but we all know how hard it is to find something that's short but also good. Let me recommend, The Go-To Guy. Karl Fields does a great job creating a world in "just over 100 pages". It was believable, and interesting. The characters all had distinct personalities, which really helped to draw me in. The main character, Eric, is slightly sarcastic and quirky, an interesting combination in a protagonist. I'm really really really (I can't stress that enough) picky about alien stories. I love them when they're good, haaaate them when they're less then that. Even an 'ok' alien story wouldn't interest me. There's just a really fine line when it comes to creatures from another world. Too many steps over it and you cross into The Land of the Lost, where all of the monsters and effects are very obviously fake. While the Land of the Lost is supposed to be like this, few books are, and Fields does a great job of avoiding falling down the rabbit hole of doom. I totally believe in his alien's, and what they're capable of. There's just enough superpowers/weirdness for me to buy into it, without there being an over kill. Too much makes any story feel forced, like the author is just twisting things that otherwise don't fit in the story to make it work. The details were vivid, and the characters were engaging. I would read more by this author without a doubt. Sorry for the short review guys, but I really couldn't find anything about this I didn't like so.... :)

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