Monday, October 8, 2012

The Dark Proposal by Megan Cashman

Review by Tempest.


If your boyfriend suddenly reveals he's a vampire, and also wants to make you one or else...what would you do?

That is the dilemma college graduate Claire McCormick faces. Her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend Daniel Bertrand reveals he is a murderous vampire who wants her to be his companion forever. But when Claire hesitates at his proposal, her life spirals down into a nightmare. She has to choose between becoming an evil being herself or have her and her loved ones suffer. The Dark Proposal explores Claire's fears while she makes her decision. Along the way, she learns the true, sinister reason why Daniel wants her to be vampire.

WARNING: contains graphic content and strong language

* * *

I was torn over what to give this book in terms of rating. On the one hand, there were things that I liked about it, and on the other there were things I didn't like about it. In the end, I think I'd really give it a 2.5, but seeing as how that's not an option I'll round up to 3. Claire is a freelance writer fresh out of college who ends up meeting Daniel, a professor who also happens to have freelance career. Because of this she asks him for help and the two eventually start seeing each other romantically, despite the warnings she gets from basically every where, including a coworker. I liked the idea behind this book, that a vampire would take a liking to a human and then trick her into joining him for eternity. I also liked that he wasn't all sweet or sparkly in the sunlight. Basically, Dan was an ass. A complete jerk. From the get go it was hard to see what Claire found so attractive about him (besides the physical of course). But that was one of the tough parts for me. I also hated Claire. It wasn't as deep rooted as my emotional "wish I could find a way to jump in there and stake you myself" towards Daniel, but I still didn't like her. She isn't very bright. Despite all of the efforts the author makes into hinting otherwise, I just could not buy into Claire being very intelligent. Ok, she fell for the wrong guy, that's believable, it happens to the best of us. But then she proceeds to taught him at the wrong moments, under estimate him at all moments, and basically always over looks asking questions that could be helpful. Like, for instance, do I have to kill when I drink from someone? If she'd known the answer to that from the get go it might have helped ease her mind a little, but instead she doesn't even think about it. Her mind automatically zeros in on, "I'm going to be a murderer" which kind of makes me think that some part of her finds that part of the exchange worth it. She gets pretty stuff in return right? So what's the harm, a girls gotta eat. That's how I felt about her mind set, anyway, even though she tries really hard to convince herself and the reader otherwise. When someone threatens the people I care about, especially if it's an extremely young person I care about, I don't risk their safety the same way she did. She keeps saying she loves Ava and doesn't want her hurt, yet every five minutes it's like she forgets all about that. She ends up putting people in danger and getting them hurt just because she can't come up with an intelligent idea. Yes, her situation was hopeless, there was nothing she could do to get out of it. But I realized that from chapter five or six, and I didn't have to put the innocent lives of other people on the line to do it. She got people killed for trying. They were murdered because of her, and not only does she not dwell on that for very long, the first time doesn't even cause her to hesitate doing it again. Another thing was the POV. It switched randomly and often enough that I started getting a little frustrated. There are some parts that just really don't need to be there. They don't really add very much to the story and all in all they're a hindrance because they jar the reader. I like that we know her roommates are worried for her, because that helps make the fact they're all really close believable, but I don't want to jump between four different characters heads in one scene, it's too much. There's a scene where the vampire back story is given, I won't say much about it because I don't want to give anything away, but it was very awkwardly placed in the story. I loved the idea of it, how it happened and how the vampires all began, but I didn't want to find out about it like that. The way the info was given felt like it was forced on me. Again we're in a different POV (a couple actually) and it's just off putting. It's interesting to know, and I like the concept of it, but I would have liked to find out differently. Other then those major things it was little details, like if the Brothers are big and powerful couldn't they have gotten servants to pick her up from the airport?, and grammar bothered me a lot. Sentences are missing words quite frequently so as I read I either had to fix or add them in my mind. That's nothing a little more editing won't fix however, so I wouldn't let that deter anyone from reading the story. All in all, I was able to finish it and I didn't hate it. I hope there's a second one, the way it ending sort of implies that there is, and if so I would like to read it. I hope the second one moves a little smoother then the first, but if it still has that strong back story there to hold it up then it'll be worth the time. Even though this book was frustrating at times, I like to think of it as one of those good horror films you watch where you actually don't like anyone. I was fine with either possibility happening: Daniel being defeated (he was a dick) or Claire being defeated (she was annoying). That's kind of what kept me reading, the wanting to know which of them would win out. Which is a pretty good thing, because it means I was invested in the characters despite not liking either of them. Even now I still really want to know what's going to happen to them next. Maybe the loser of this round will get a chance to redeem themselves? :)

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