Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dragon's Mind (Dragon and Myth #1) By Vered Ehsani

Review by Jacey.
Dragon's Mind (Dragon & Myth #1)


Ten years ago, a human brain was created and installed into the control centre of the manmade Sana Island. To most people, it is known as MindOp, a non-living entity operating in the background of their lives. Only a girl named Myth knows better: his name is Dragon and he is very much alive. And after ten bodiless years, Dragon has a dream that will change everything and will put his mind and Myth’s life in mortal danger. There are powerful forces that don’t want the truth revealed and they’re coming for Dragon. But where do you run to when you’re already everywhere?


It’s been a while since I’ve last posted. I’m not proud of it, but I am excited to be reviewing this particular book by Vered Ehsani.  Anyway, as per usual I’ll try not to reveal too much, though I will be mentioning some of the themes that I picked up personally, but they may not be absorbed by other readers.
Let me first start off by saying that I thought this book’s content was immediately engaging and sucked me in. The dialogue was snappy, sharp, and was just awesome to jump into. The relationship between Dragon and Myth induces laughter but is also deep, and within a few pages I wanted them to fall in love and be together, even though one of them is a hologram and is physically nonexistent, with the exception of his brain floating in a tank full of ooze. Anyway, I thought the characters were amazing, and I also thought that the prevailing theme that “bad news always starts with a noise at the door” was neat as Myth and Dragon are pursued across Sanna Island. My favorite thing about this book was Vered’s discussion of what made Dragon human, and Myth’s coming-to-terms with accepting that he in fact was more than a non-living entity, and also Dragon’s discovery of his own humanity.
Additionally, what I thought was awesome in this book was also one reasons why I became slightly annoyed with it. As much as I adored the game of wits between Dragon and Myth, I eventually grew tired of Myth’s constant instigating and nagging. As endearing as their relationship was, there were several passages where I waited for Dragon’s hands to solidify and smack her. Conversations that could have had more depth in them were instead bouts of bickering. There were also several moments where clarification on certain subjects, (such as explaining OMG), were not needed whereas other places in the text, again, could have gone into more detail. Really this actually could have been longer, the climaxes delayed with more suspense or puzzling in between. All in all though, I really enjoyed this. With its killer dialogue and themes of humanity, I’d definitely be interested in reading the sequel. Worth a look and worth 4 suns.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to review this! I loved your summary of the main themes, and also your critique, especially "I waited for Dragon’s hands to solidify and smack her"! I'm currently editing the sequel, so I'll have to see how I can oblige you...