Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our First Giveaway!!!

Hey everyone! We wanted to start doing giveaways on our blog and decided it would be easier to just begin by offering up some of Tempest's teen fantasy novels! Enter and you could win THREE ebooks! Where Thy Dark Eye Glances, All That We See or Seem, and Wanderers of the Night are the first two books, as well as a bonus beginning novella, to the Dreamer trilogy, also known as the Three Realm series. We've added in a blurb about the books so you can get a basic idea of them, but for more information click on the icon at the left to go and check out Tempest's private blog. :) This is our first giveaway, more of a test really, so fingers crossed everything runs smoothly. If it turns out to work well, we're going to start planning more giveaways with different authors. Here's the blurb, and don't forget to enter!

Where Thy Dark Eye Glances and All That We See or Seem:

Lily Bryg is a seventeen year old witch. She doesn't always know what that means, or how to control it, but she does know that to most, it paints a pretty little target over her forehead. If that's not bad enough, Ronan an evil king who believes she's his soul mate has been stalking her in her dreams. And what about Larkin, the attractive shape shifter who sparks a strong sense of deja vu within her? He claims they knew each other in her past life, but how could she trust something she can't remember? Dodging witches, demons, faeries, dragons, and much, much more, the Four are just beginning to realize that having power comes with a lot of responsibility. And sacrifice. But one question stands out among the rest, haunting Lily through out the nights and days. Should she fight Ronan and risk everything, or should she give up her freedom to the gorgeous, yet wicked, king in order to possibly save her friends?

Wanderers of the Night:

Seventeen year old witch, Lily Bryg, is about to realize there's more to the three realms then she thought. In the past month she's fallen for a werewolf, met a dragon, and found out her life was depicted in an age old prophecy. Now, she needs to figure out how to get into Sidhe, the realm of the fey, in order to rescue a kidnapped friend, all while trying to win a bet she made with an evil king hell bent on making her his queen. Lily doesn't know if she believes in soul mates, but she's torn between hoping he isn't hers and being eerily drawn to him. With the help of her three best friends, a raven, and a white wolf she needs to put her heart aside and focus on fulfilling the prophecy. Everything she knows about faeries tells her they can't be trusted, but when her own coven starts to break apart she's forced to rely on anyone she can get.

If Lily can't save her kidnapped friends and convince them not to fall under the sway of dark magic, she'll have to willingly go to the evil king Ronan. He's been trying to convince her they belong together for years, and she's starting to fear he might be right. Add in the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Lily's task isn't looking any easier. If that weren't bad enough, it turns out she's just got a penchant for werewolves.

Can Lily over come the three realms, or will she succumb to the wanderers of the night before she ever gets the chance?


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    im so glad you guys are trying something new :D!!, im not quite sure how to enter for you AMAZING giveaway, so i hope this means im enterd!!!

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  3. Nagad, you just leave a comment and then click that you did so on the giveaway. That'll put you in :)

  4. The best book that I read this year was the Fault in our stars by John Green.