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You may have noticed that for a while there I deleted this blog (maybe about two months). That's because unfortunately, I just don't have the time to manage this. However, after the past couple of weeks hearing from some of you, I realize that there are interviews and things on here that you still want to be able to check out so I brought the blog back. I figured this way those authors I got the chance to interview still have their books here for people to find, and all those pesky links I peppered throughout goodreads.com throughout the four years this blog was running still have a review to take people to.


I do not see myself posting reviews or anything to this in the near future. Again, I'm only bringing it back because a few people asked what happened and wanted their reviews up again. Every once in a while I might try and post a review or so, but for the most part, if you're interested in following what I'm reading, you can follow me on Goodreads.com. I've also put it on the right side bar so you can check all my current reads and what I rated them.

I will continue to post my reviews on Goodreads! Thank you.

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Author Pamela S. Canepa Interview

Hi guys!

I've got another author interview!!! Read below for more information on her books and how to check them out! :)

I've got the blurb here for one of her books, Detours in Time, as well as a cover image for you guys to check out! Directly below that is the interview! It isn't mentioned, but this author and these books can be found on Goodreads and added to your shelves! :)


Feisty Tabatha, a struggling artist, and Milt, an awkward Science professor, set off on a journey to the future. What was supposed to be fun soon turns quite intense when they make discoveries about their future selves and end up on other “detours.” The two set events into action that may save one life, yet destroy another. Can these friends of completely different mindsets agree on a course of action? Can Tabatha stick to Milt’s rules of time travel? Both Milt and Tabatha struggle to witness and not participate in a place and time that is not yet their own.

Amid the backdrop of a future that reveals great wonders and horrors, Tabatha and Milt must resist the temptation to use discoveries from future technology to aid them when they return to the present. Detours in Time starts as a fantastic escape and grows to present many moral dilemmas and surprises that can either destroy the strongest friendship or bring two people closer.

Science Fiction author, Pamela Schloesser Canepa, author of the Made for Me series and the newly released, Detours in Time.


1.) When do you usually write?  S
ince I am still employed as a teacher, I write mostly on the weekends, holidays, and during the summer, unless an idea is buzzing in my brain, which means I will stay up late and write when the spirit moves me.  When it hits, I try to make the most of it!


2.) What made you decide to start? 
I started writing stories and poems as a kid.  My mom received a Mother’s day poem when I was eight, so of course she has encouraged this habit all along.  I’ve always loved reading, so being a voracious reader probably inspired me, and being a teacher of English means I have studied a lot of writers.  I love to write for fun most of all: fun, emotional release, and the thrill of inventing something with my imagination.


3.) Tell us a little about your book that can't be found in the blurb. 
This quote says a lot about the main characters in Detours in Time, my most recent release, and sets the mood:  “He was twenty years her senior, but from his childlike curiosity and goofy sense of humor, one wouldn’t know it, and they got along very well.  Of course, traveling back in time and meeting his twenty-two-year-old-self did not help matters for Pinky at all.” 

This book also takes place in 1997, from which my characters travel to the future.  Exploring the 1990s brought back many fond memories for me, and it helped me imagine doing everything differently.  It was also fun to write of a time when people had to call each other or walk over to their friend’s house if they wanted to see them.  My female lead doesn’t even own a computer!  Imagine!  It was great fun writing about her reaction to the technology they discovered when traveling to 2047.


4.) Who was you're favorite character to create, and why? 
I love most of my characters.  Today, I think my favorite is Pinky, a.k.a Tabitha.  She’s young, independent, outspoken, and stubborn.  She has strange eating habits, like my mother.  I always tell her not to skip meals. She is also set in her ways, when you think she would be the open-minded one in my story.  However, she has a strong moral standing.  I also love her style.  😊  it was fun creating that as well.


5.) Who was you're least favorite (or most difficult if you can't choose!)? 
George Mahoney.  He is pretty evil.  I only touch upon him in this book, but he will return in a future book.


6.) What made you choose this genre? Are there other genres you hope to try your hand at eventually? 
Writing in sci-fi helps me release a lot of anxieties.  I have long been a fan of sci-fi and the ethical questions it raises, as well as the perilous situations it puts characters in, forcing them to emerge as true warriors.  As far as other genres, yes, I hope to publish the paranormal genre.  It’s another genre where there are endless possibilities.  As a true worry-wart, I have often pondered the what-ifs of many situations.  What if my plane crashed?  You can see that question through positively as well; what if my plane crashed and my adrenaline surged enough for me to lift one side and rescue several passengers?  Think about it, people have done impossible things.  Why?  Because there are so many possibilities in this world.  My favorite quote ever is very comforting to me:  “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” – by William Shakespeare, Hamlet.  What this means to me is that this world around us is not all there is.  There is so much more.  I love to dream of something more.  Don’t get me wrong, I was raised as a good, Christian girl, but all of these possibilities out there only comfort me; they do not shake my faith at all.  When I have felt low in my life, it always made me feel better to think of things that were once considered impossible.  My favorite inspiration in nature is the flying squirrel.  Imagine the day he first discovered he could fly!


7.) What is your writing method like? 
Oh, this question is hard to answer.  I get overcome with ideas.  I used to get hit with ideas, and then sit down to write later (key word), remembering none of them.  Now, I make notes on my check register as I’m out and about.  I remember having conversations at parties, years ago, and someone would say, “You should patent that idea.”  Well, guess what?  I forgot all those ideas.  I didn’t think like a writer, I thought like a dreamer.  You have to put the dream to pen and paper.  I don’t want to lose ideas anymore!  I’m in my late forties and finally a published author.  This could have happened sooner.  That aside, I would say I am not too organized, though I am researching ways to get better organized.  I’ve started doing makeshift outlines for my writing.  I am also reading about story arcs.  So I think I will get more organized.  My method is also a little bit of a 5 tab method.  There are five tabs or more open on my computer sometimes.  I am also trying to work on that. 😊  Oh, well.  Life is short.  Sometimes I want to do it all.  However, I know when to close some of those tabs so that I can get at least one thing done!


8.) If you were stranded on an island with one of your characters, who would it be and why? 
I’d love to be stranded with Milt.  He is brilliant, with a child-like sense of curiosity.  I think he could be happy anywhere, and we’d be able to distract our minds from any discomfort.  I imagine the things he would say when we are looking up at the stars at night.  I am sure the view of a night sky would be wonderful on an uninhabited island.  He is sort of a man-child, but he is smart and could help us find food, water, shelter, etc.  He is pretty patient, too.


9.) Tell us where we can find your book(s), and more information on your work.   


10.) Is there anything else you would like to add?   
There will be future publications within the next year, to include a sequel to Detours in Time.   Sign up for my newsletter at my website listed above, or please follow my blog or author Facebook:  http://pamelascanepa.wordpress.com blog,  http://bit.ly/2l1pqvF (Author Facebook).
Thanks, Pamela!
Hope you all enjoyed the interview! Questions and comments welcome! :)

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Bad Things Play Here Release Day!!!!!!!

Hey guys,

My Paranormal Romance book, Bad Things Play Here, came out today!!! *Woot* Woot* I'm going to leave a few links below where you can purchase the book in either paperback or ebook form, as well as the blurb in case you've missed it!

I've also got another author interview coming at the end of the month, so keep checking back! ;)

Here are the links, as promised:

Amazon Kindle Edition: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B071WVZLC9

Paperback Edition: https://www.amazon.com/Things-Play-Here-Chani-Feener/dp/1547026960/ref=sr_1_cc_1?s=aps&ie=UTF8&qid=1497026804&sr=1-1-catcorr&keywords=bad+things+play+here+chani+lynn+feener

Smashwords Edition: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/729135

Please find and add the book to your TBR's on Goodreads, and be sure to leave a review once you're finished reading! Here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35394784-bad-things-play-here

In case you want to read it again, I'm going to leave the blurb here for you guys! :) As always, questions and comments welcome! Please let me know what you all think, and go grab your copy now!!! ;)


You can’t escape destiny…

Piper Anesidora hates her last name, and the Reaper and demon infested life that comes with it. For centuries, her family has been tasked with protecting Pandora’s Box, and ensuring it’s never reopened. That’s why five years ago she ran away, hoping to build a normal life, one of her own choosing. And it worked. For a little while. But now her brother has been taken by Orpheus, a malicious soul who’s escaped from the Underworld, and if that isn’t bad enough, he’s also stolen the box. The sooner she finds her brother and stops Orpheus from unleashing hell on earth, the better. Piper wants nothing more than to return to the mundane existence she’s created for herself. That is until she’s partnered with the one guy capable of making her crave more. She’s always been told giving into sin is wrong, but her ancestors clearly never met Lust.

You can’t resist temptation…

Reece Luben takes intimate knowledge to a whole new level. As the Greek god of lust, he has a long standing reputation to uphold as a playboy, despite the fact he’s grown bored with the game. It’s been centuries since he’s cared about someone other than his maenads, so he passes the time getting people to shed their inhibitions. As one of the few beings who can sense Pandora’s Box, Reece has no choice but to help Piper find and stop Orpheus, even though he’s avoided her family since the start of his second life. But the feisty Anesidora woman makes him feel things he’s long forgotten, and what starts out as one night giving into desire turns into another…and another. What happens when the god of lust decides he’s changing the game and playing for keeps?

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Groovy Author Interview!

Hi guys,

I've got another author interview for you! Groovy Lee was nice enough to answer some of my questions about her books! Here's the interview, and a link to her Goodreads.com page so you can check some of them out for yourselves! She writes clean Suspense, and Romance Suspense.


1.  When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

A.   Although I’ve been writing all my life, I decided to get serious about it during my Harlequin-Silhouette Romance phase. Those beautiful love stories inspired me to want to become a romance author, too.

2.    What was the first book you ever wrote? What was it about?

A.   A romance novel, of course—LOL!  And it was about the usual romantic formula of conquering obstacles that get in the way of finding true love.

3.    Pick a favorite character of yours that you’ve written? Why are they your favorite?

A.   That would have to be Piper Banion from my first Suspense novel, ‘Cause She’s A Good Girl. That’s because she and I are a lot alike, and we’ve gone through similar hardships in life. Her mom was very abusive and told her often that she did not want her; she had to teach herself how to survive in life; she has a best friend that people mistake for her sister; she has a big, kind heart, and faces any problem in life with strong determination. (I like to think that’s me, also)

4.    Pick your least favorite.

A.   Piper’s abusive mom, Connie.

5.    Tell us something about your book. Preferably something that’s not already in the blurb.

A.   A Body Resurrected is a Thriller/Romance/with a bit of Sci-Fi woven into the storyline. Although it centers around two visitors from outer space, the story is really down-to-earth suspense, and about how far love can span the universe. It encompasses a strong female heritage that’s passed down through generations. There’s also a wonderful close-knit, protective relationship between the protagonist, Tina, and her grandmother, Bitsy.

6.    What do you do when you’re not writing?

 A. Music is my second love. I also try and catch up on my love for reading; I crochet; and tend to my garden. And if tennis is on, I’m glued to the television the entire season.

7.    What made you decide to write in this genre? Have you thought about trying other genres?

A.   I was hooked to Harlequin and Silhouette back in the day. So I love writing about the passion between a man and woman as their lives journey through obstacles towards a Happy-Ever-After. I write Suspense because I love edge-of-the-seat plots, and I tend to combine them at times. Even though I can add a bit of Sci-Fi into one of my storylines, I can’t write a book along the lines of Prometheus or Aliens. I don’t know if I have the know-how to write outside my preferred genres. If my writing imagination doesn’t take me into those worlds, then I would be no good at writing them.

8.    Do you get writer’s block?

A.   I’ve never met Mr. Block yet, and I sure hope I never do. But if he ever tries to sneak upon me, I’ll relax, empty my mind, and emerge myself in my other hobbies that makes me happy and will spark my imagination.

9.    Are you a plotter? Or do you like to write on the edge of your seat?

A.   My stories are often sparked by something someone says, or a song. I don’t really sit and think how to come up with the next book. I just write what my characters tell me to; and they will not let up until I get it right. So, I guess I’m an edge-of-seat kind of writer.

10.  Are there any social media sites/blog/website we can visit to get more information about current and upcoming projects?

A.   Thank-you for asking. Here they are:




 11. Is there anything else you’d like us to know about you and/or your writing?

A.   I’d like to mention that I’m a clean writer. My books are not full of graphic violence, gory descriptions, or graphic sex. And I’d like the readers to know this in case they open one of my works and are expecting one thing and are disappointed. I really love writing and taking my readers on a journey that evokes all kinds of emotions. Please feel free to contact me at any of my social sites, I’d love to hear from you and talk about books or whatever.

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Cover Reveal + Blurb...

Hey guys!

I mentioned yesterday that I was doing a cover reveal and giving the blurb out over on the author blog! If you're interested, it's posted and here's a link:



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Hey guys,

I've got another author interview coming hopefully sometime next week so check back for that! If you've been following me on Goodreads, you know what I've been reading! If you want a quick catch up, check the sidebar at the right! It'll show you the most recent reads from my Goodreads shelf and my ratings! :)

In other news, I have a book currently in the works and am hopefully doing a cover reveal tomorrow! Please head over to my author blog to see it and find out more! Thanks! :)

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J.M Leduc Interview + Paperback Giveaway

Hey guys, I've got anther author interview/giveaway for you! This one is for author J.M Leduc, and his series Sinclair O'Malley! There will be three winners, all of which will receive PAPERBACK copies of the first two books in the series, SIN and Painted Beauty!

Here's the blurb for the first book:

Recruited by the FBI straight out of Quantico for her intelligence and attitude.Released by the bureau for the same reasons. Now, they need her back! Six girls have washed up along the Florida Keys and four agents are dead. The bureau’s only chance is a rogue agent who flies by her own wings. It is said, “Fight fire with fire.”The bureau knows, “Fight sin with SIN.” SIN. Her name says it all: Tempting―Dangerous―Deadly

And a link to the Goodreads.com page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24579699-sin

For the second:

Back with the FBI, Sinclair “Sin” O’Malley has promised that this time she’ll play by the rules.
After a body is discovered lying on the sands of Miami Beach, she’s called in to lead the investigation. As the body count begins to rise, Sin soon realizes that she must dissect the killer’s MO by entering into a dark, twisted mind.
Sin must go head to head with a madman whose artistic vision is clouded by a nightmarish past. A killer who lives by the belief that, “Nothing gets in the way of the art.”
Pieces of the horrific puzzle link back to her friend, Charlie, and a case he solved forty-three years earlier. As confusion muddles her confidence, Sin must remind herself of the person she truly is: A righter of wrongs, an advocate for the underdog . . . the Pearl Angel of Death.
When dealing with madness, one needs to be mad. Laws must be set aside. “Rules were made to be broken.”

* * *
Remember, three of you will win copies of BOTH of these books in PAPERBACK! The giveaway is at the bottom of this post, so don't forget to enter, but first, find out more about the author, these books, and the characters with this interview!
1.)    When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I’ve always been an avid reader, but unlike many authors, I was never fond of writing when I was younger. In my mid-thirty’s, I underwent a bilateral hip replacement which was life changing. While recovering, I began to write as a cathartic activity; by putting my feelings and frustrations on paper, I was able to release them. That’s when I found my passion.
2.)    What was the first book you ever wrote? What was it about?
The first book I wrote was Cursed Blessing, originally titled The Endowment. The idea for the book was a mashup of subjects I was reading about at that time. One was the Fountain of Youth, which had me thinking about the “what ifs.” At that same time, I was reading an article on Noah’s Ark and the biblical account of the flood. It stated that before the flood, people lived for hundreds of years and there was never a mention of sickness. After the flood, man’s life-span was much shorter and sickness and suffering were present. These thoughts flared my imagination. What if before the flood, an herb flourished on the earth that allowed people to live healthy lives for hundreds of years, and after, the herb was gone. In the story of Noah, it says that he knew he had found land when a dove returned with an olive branch. But, what if it wasn’t an olive branch but the last remaining branch of the Herb of Life, and Moses was told that the herb needed to be passed down to one individual, from generation to generation, but never consumed, and if it was, Armageddon would occur. The book begins with the person who is in possession of herb dead and the herb missing. All that’s left is a cryptic message.
That was the premise and my diving off point for the beginning of the book. Cursed Blessing started as a spark of imagination and ended up becoming a four book series: The Trilogy of the Chosen and Cornerstone.

3.) Pick a favorite character of yours from the book(s) you're offering in the giveaway? Why are they your favorite?
That’s an easy one, the title character, Sinclair (Sin) O’Malley.  I always wanted to write a strong female lead who was fiercely independent, intelligent, and beautiful, all while harboring some past demons yet to be conquered. Sin became all that and more.
4.)    Pick your least favorite, or if this is too hard, pick one that was the most difficult to write/capture.
I’m not sure if I have any least favorites, but as for hard to write, I can think of two. The first would be Sin. As a male, it was hard to write a strong female without her becoming cartoonish. I needed to keep her feminine, yet give her an attitude that would and could stand up against anyone, regardless of gender. It’s like walking a tightrope. I need to keep her on that fine line to keep her realistic and appealing to all readers.
Looking back, the character who was the hardest to write was, Ash, the antagonist in the second Sinclair O’Malley book, Painted Beauty. Ash does some vile things, yet I wanted readers to be sympathetic to the character, at least in a small way. That was hard.

5.) Tell us something about your book. Preferably something not in the blurb.
Every book starts as a single seed of an idea. With Painted Beauty, it started with a song I couldn’t get out of my head. A song, whose lyrics I wanted to incorporate into the MO of the villain. Due to copyright laws, this wasn’t possible. But with every roadblock, new paths are forged. The changes gave the book a direction and depth I never would have thought of.

6.) What do you do when you're not writing?
I’m the Assistant Academic Dean of a nursing college. Although, to be truthful, if I’m not writing, I’m thinking about writing. I never leave home without a small notebook and a pen. Sometimes ideas come at the strangest of times and in places that spark an idea or plot shift. I’m constantly writing down ideas and taking pictures with my phone.
7.) What made you decide to write in this genre? Have you thought about trying other genres?
I’ve always enjoyed reading suspense, so it seemed natural to write in the same genre.
8.) Do you get writer's block, and if so, how do you get past it?
I’m happy to say that I don’t ever get writer’s block. I’ll get to certain points in a manuscript where I’m not sure which direction I want to go in, or I might decide that the direction is wrong, and I have to go back and make massive changes, but I don’t “blank out.” I usually have more than one project going at once, so if I’m stuck, I’ll either switch to the other project or change my physical location, and that usually sparks my imagination. I find that a change in location helps me a lot. Sometimes I write at home, but I find my imagination gets fired up when I’m in a crowded coffee shop or a library.
9.) Are you a plotter, or do you like to write on the edge of your seat? As in, do you like to just go with the flow when you're writing, without a set idea of where each chapter is going?
I have tried to outline or plot, but it doesn’t work well for me. It takes me a while to get into my characters’ heads, but once I do, they tell me where they want to go and how they’ll act/react in certain situations. I like to think of this type of writing as “liquid writing.” It’s like a mountain stream, as the water flows down the mountain, it will change directions depending on the obstacles in front of it.
Writing without an outline/plot takes longer, but I think the results are worth the extra time. Steven James, one of my favorite authors, once said, “readers want to predict how a book will end, but the want to be wrong. They want to be surprised.” Writing in a fluid or liquid manner allows for those twists.
10.) Are there any social media sites, or a blog/website, we can visit to get more information
        about current and upcoming projects?
Thank you for asking. J You can find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/J-M-LeDuc-259333374080003/?ref=bookmarks and on Twitter at @JMLeDuc1
I also have a website, although I’m not as good at keeping current as I should be. Hopefully this interview will help me be more diligent. The website is www.jmleduc.com
11.) Is there anything else you'd like us to know about you and/or your writing?
Your questions have been quite thorough, so I think we covered most topics. The one thing I don’t think most readers know is how important book reviews are to authors and publishers. Reviews don’t have to be long and intricate. Just a short note saying how much they enjoyed the book is fine. The last thing I’d like to add is that I enjoy interacting with readers, and I welcome their questions and comments.  I can always be contacted on Facebook or Twitter, and there is a contact page on the website.

Last, but certainly not least, I want to thank you, Chani. It’s been a pleasure talking with you, and I encourage everyone to subscribe to your blog.
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